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Foliar Feeding in Flower Fish Emulsion?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by KrAzY80, Oct 19, 2010.


    KrAzY80 Active Member

    I have 2 plants in about the 3rd weed of flower and are budding.
    Flushed one of them 2 days ago due to Potassium def. which I assume was from salt build up and I just fed other one with bloom nutes.

    Question - The plant is light green with some yellowing toward the bottom which I believe is a Nitrogen Def. Well soil is still really wet and I dont want to add any nutes to the soil, so can I foliar feed with Fish emulsion 5-1-1 until soil dries up a bit so I dont start losing more leaf?

    realmeatdildo Active Member

    I just read that during flower foliar feeding should not be performed.
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    -in late flowering. Usually a grower will alternate foliar feedings with plain water to rinse away the residues from the previous foliar feed. However, in late flowering ferts can coalesce and get stuck in the nooks and crannies in the buds, killing trichomes and whatnot. Light misting of a foliar feed or decreasing the concentration can still be alright. Just avoid spraying foliar feed too heavily on any bud formations.

    I've never tried foliar feeding Fish Emulsion and I'd be worried about trying it unless a bottle of it came with foliar feed mixing instructions. Maxicrop (1-0-4) is the only fert we foliar feed with regularly. We've added some very light guano tea to it in the past with no problems.

    KrAzY80 Active Member

    Appreciate it, I think it will make it until next water. I already have alot of bud formation so I dont want to chance it. Thanks again.

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