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Flushing my plant

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by KaliHustla, Dec 3, 2007.


    KaliHustla Well-Known Member

    can someone bust down the deffinistion of "flushing your plants" does it just mean to use just wanter or do you like pour hell water in your a couple time's I know its such a newb question I just wana be sure like my mom always said
    better safe then sorry!! thanks

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    flush means to flush/clean out old food. always make sure you have pebbles 2" for when you have to flush, if your plants build up too much exces food, or when your in the last 2 weeks of 12/12. to help taste,get rid of nutes from the weed.
    i dip mine in a dustbin full and drain.a few times. clean stood water. not from the tap. i collect rain water .thats what i use,or if you use tap water. let it staen for a day or two b4 using.for watering or flushing.. i only flush in the last 2week, unless i have to .

    KaliHustla Well-Known Member

    o ok so you only flush at about the last two weeks of flowering caues im in 15 days exactly in my 12/12 cycle im using Flora-Nova Bloom food (4-8-7) so I should be good with the nut's tell about my last two weeks of flowering then flush??? I thought I was spose to flush at least once every 5 feeding's but this info I heard fromjust people talking so I come hear to find the truth

    KaliHustla Well-Known Member


    KaliHustla Well-Known Member

    so I dont need to flush except 2 weeks before I harvest?

    sb101 Well-Known Member

    unless your plants start to show nuteburn you don't flush until the end i guess. but you can get a buildup of bad stuff and so it's good to flush out some of it if you think you overdid it

    juststartin Well-Known Member

    is it like an overwatering or just a normal watering but with some clean as neutral water?
    Little Tommy

    Little Tommy Well-Known Member

    I flush wiith 4x the water the container will hold. You will see each time the water will come a little clearer. I do this 2 x during the last 2 weeks before harvest. Some people like to continue to feed molasses with the flush.

    ganicsarebetter Well-Known Member

    to cure this, flushing is just using clean water up to 2 weeks pripor to harvest. by clean i mean no nutes. this will ensure a smooth smoke, athough some think it doesnt matter, i feel its best to flush. water as normal with clean water for up to 2 weeks before harvest. thats it.

    fukdapolice Well-Known Member

    instead of watering your plants with nutes, you water them as you would regularly - just with out nutes

    iamgrowerman Active Member

    Plant flushing is pretty simple. The object is to remove as much nutrient from the growing media as possible. Obviously this is easier to do in hydroponics than soil, but the reasons and methods are essentially the same. You want to begin to starve the plants of food so that there isn't any excess stored nutrient in the bud to ruin the burn and taste.

    I use a flushing agent in my grows (Final Phase by Advanced Nutrients) because it lets me flush faster, therefore feed my plants longer. If I can put off the flush for several days because the Final Phase makes the flush go that much faster, I get several days longer to feed and fatten my buds before I have to flush.

    The difference between flushing hydroponic plants and soil plants is mainly just that with hydroponics you refill the reservoir with water or water and a flushing agent like Final Phase, and with soil you just pour water through the soil until it's completely clean. From there you water normally with pure water or water and a flushing agent.
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    bady Member

    hydroponics is only way!!!

    NIGHT MARE Active Member

    like that one dude said flush the last two weeks but pour water in your plants till it starts leaking out the bottom do that every day for a week then let the soil get real dry before you harvest it

    nick17gar Well-Known Member

    the real question is why are you flushing? getting ready to harvest? or did you use too much fertilizers?

    if your getting ready to harvest and dont want a harsh taste, id say about 2 weeks before stop using ferts.

    if its the latter and your trying to stop fertilizer burn, then yea dump a load of water on the plants to wash away the nutrients. Better yet, change the soil.

    bady Member

    i gona flush in next week. i never done this. so do i have to ph water like ph 5.7 use ph down? i growing in dwc . so i strarting filtering water now but i dont know about ph. thanks for any help

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