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flushing miracle grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Great Brettain, Jul 5, 2013.

    Great Brettain

    Great Brettain Member

    When flushing miracle grow how should I go about it? I heard im supposed to use as much water as 3x the size of my pot which woyld be 15 gallons. So do I pour 15 gallons in all at once or do it at separate times. Im at 7 weeks flowering, gonna harvest at 9

    curiousuk Active Member

    try 3x the water you usually feed them with in general. that should be enough to flush out any remaining nutes into he soil.

    this reminds me of my last harvest, because it was that bushy i ended up flushing her over my toilet so i techinally house trained her lol

    Hope your end results are what you desire!

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    I've never flushed before. But dumping 15 gallons of water in your ladies at once doesn't sound Like a good idea to me..I would just water plain water to "flush" the last 2 weeks.... again though I've never done that either... maybe I should a just not replied:)

    MircalGrow Member

    I am using the same thing, at week 4 and they were looking fried so I flushed with around 3 gallons or so, just made sure i had a good amount of runoff. Looking better, going to do it one more time before I start a light feeding again. May switch to some DynaGro I have laying around now. But they look better now, I have been pushing it hard @450ppm highest I tried was 600ppm using MG (tomato) and their organic soil. I have been feeding once a week at around 400ppm for 5 weeks or so now. I added some dolmite to my mix to make sure I am getting enough cal/mag, my tape water comes out at 80ppm, but not sure how much is florid, Ca or Mag? Mine never seem to mind the water but it is in around 5-7 gallon fabric tote sorta like you see what walmart.

    curiousuk Active Member

    i dont form a rain forest i when i flush but i do enough for a good solid runnoff to be sure no nutes are left when my babys go into darkness. but overal its a simple case of each to there own methods.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Sure. Enough people do it that there must be something to it. I have noticed that flushed buds, while using up all the n in the fan leaves the actual buds aren't changes they appear justas green as a healthy plant that hasn't been flushed. Having never actually flushed plants to compare, I do know that after cure my bud has lost its veggie taste and doesn't taste harsh or metallic etc... I can't find any evidence to support flushing, I don't see why the flavor or potency would be positively affected.

    curiousuk Active Member

    if i had the space i would try a flush vs non flushed grow back to back to see if there is a true difference, since i use old timers plant magic organic bloom and grow nutes. but ive not got the space to dabble with that idea yet.

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