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Flushing Hydro Plants

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Tokahontas, Dec 2, 2006.


    Tokahontas Active Member

    I am not new to growing but I am unsure how to proceed. I have just gone from a 16 plant setup to a double plant setup. I always flushed my big plants (3-4 feet) for 2 weeks.

    But now I have only one plant that stands about 15" tall. My question is... How long do I really need to flush such a small plant in such a small setup? Is there really a difference because of the size?


    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    In hydro, 2 weeks is a long time to go without nutrients. Usually 3-5 days is enough. The time required depends on the density of the medium, and how much water it holds.

    Some growers don't flush at all, they just let the last reservoir get weaker.

    As long as your finished bud doesn't taste like chemical nutrients, and the dried bud burns evenly, you're OK. If you've ever smoked a joint where the tip gets a hard ball of burnt carbon that won't burn, then the bud wasn't flushed well.

    HTH :mrgreen:

    ViRedd New Member

    I have a friend who grows some of the tastiest bud I've ever smoked and he never flushes. I have another friend who swears by flushing. I'm trying it for the first time right now for the last seven days of the grow. All fresh RO water, plus I added Advanced Nutrients "Final Phase." We'll see the results.


    plantsinpants Well-Known Member

    like potroast said, when you first introduce a clone to a hydro setup. it takes about 2-4 days till you see its growing vigor pick up, so im asuming a plant takes anywhere from 2-5 days to flush, 2 weeks is way to long for me!!!

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