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Flushing Before Harvest

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by SmokeUmPipe, Aug 29, 2007.


    SmokeUmPipe Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone just wanted to know what the minimum amount of flushing your plant before harvest is?? For instance, I have this WW plant that I have flushed one time with the AN final phase about 4 days ago and the buds are about 70% red hairs now so I was wondering how many more times i need to do it before I harvest this lady?? bc she needs to come down soon...dont wanna over ripen [​IMG]

    Mase New Member

    yeah, can someone answer this question. do you need to flush your plants? i would like to know to.

    SmokeUmPipe Well-Known Member

    well i know i do need to flush them esp. with the chem. ferts ive been using i just dont know if one is enough or should i do one more for safe measure??

    4train2wreck0 Well-Known Member

    yeah if you have 70 percent red hairs start watering with plain water

    sidsnot Active Member

    i'm just about to start growing for the first time so there is still abit i have to learn....:weed: from all the research i've done 40hours aweek 4 2 weeks:wall: i've read you have to flush from between 3 to 7 days everyday. :clap: just look it up on the web

    bigd08 Active Member

    i usually start flushing mine a week before cutting it down otherwise the smoke will be earthy full of chem errrrrr:leaf:

    Antman Well-Known Member

    I know a lot of people say that it's important to flush before harvesting, but through my experiences I found it isn't necessary. Now this is simply what I have found from trying it both ways. I have only been growing for 5 or six years now, but the one time I did flush my plant before harvesting, it seemed like the plant suffered more than anything. The leaves all started turning light green and dying. Almost like the plant was eating itself to feed itself. The way I see it, the MOST IMPORTANT TIME to feed your plant is the last week or so when it is finishing up and it's looking for those extra nutrients. What I've learned is that if you dry it right, and CURE the buds for a good month, that's what makes the weed smooth and enjoyable. Just my opinion. What you can try though is this. If you are gonna flush a week before harvesting, cut one of the more mature buds off before you do it. Dry it slowly and cure it, and then compare it to the rest that you flushed. I'm pretty certain you won't see much of a difference if any at all. Once again, just my opinion.
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    nickfury510 Well-Known Member

    i start flushng a week before i cut...i use mollases and water to water everynight for about four nights....on the 5th night i give straight water until the leach comes out clean and clear.....then let it sit for 2 more days and harvest the next morning........

    drgreenGMX Well-Known Member

    I agree although only on my first harvest...

    albfuct never flushes either and sais he cant tell the difference...

    mine smokes fine and niceno black ash or chemy taste and only been curing for a week

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    in my experience: flushing makes for better tasting buds. My last grow was ended with a 16 day flush

    data Well-Known Member

    16 days.. notice any better results?

    jdubz206 Active Member

    unless you're using 100% organics, you need to flush. if you want your ash to turn white and be super smooth, you have to flush. i've read threads where people don't flush in 100% organics but I've run 100% organics and even then I still flushed. the last few weeks before the plant is ready for harvest, it slows down on its nutrient uptake. start flushing 2 weeks ahead of time and you'll be golden. i wait for my trichomes to turn 50% cloudy and 50% clear if its the first time I'm running a strain as a guide for when the plant is 2 weeks away from harvest. i harvest when there's about 25% amber. i've not flushed and the result was bud that smoldered, not smoked. it was very harsh too. yes you can let it cure a month to make it a bit smoother but why not flush it right and have it cured to the same point in 2 weeks? if you let the flushed bud sit for a month, it just gets better and better. things differ for everyone, but most people I know flush. when you flush, the plant releases its stored up nutes to dine on. if you're in soil, you want to flush with 3x the amount of water to the size pot. so if you're growing in a 3 gallon, flush with 9 gallons off the bat. i recommend the next day before your lights come on doing an additional amount of water to flush out more nutes. the plants release some of their nutes at night as well. you want the water to be clear basically when it runs off. i've flushed some bud for 3 - 5 weeks and some strains like it and other don't. i started flushing a space queen @ 4 weeks and ended up with the smoothest bud i've ever smoked. other strains don't like it, they require more nutes. you have to dial your strain in and over time you'll know exactly what it takes. hope this helps.

    steelpulse Active Member

    Is it ok to give molasses up until harvest?:weed:

    LiquidJethro Active Member

    I never post anymore, but I had to chime in and say I have seen zero difference from flushing, either in taste, potency, curing, ash color or any other manner.

    The last couple grows I split it 50/50 and flushed some but not the others. I thinks its stoner mythology. The plants had very little noticeable difference, and the ones they kept getting nutes are much easier to re-veg.

    It is just another step for people who like to over think the whole process. They don't get flushed when its natural outdoor grow, and I dont think it makes any difference at all.

    As is the case on so many of these boards everyone tends to make things way more complicated than it needs to be.
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    FatTony420 Well-Known Member

    A-Fuckin Men
    Dutch Ma5tar

    Dutch Ma5tar Active Member

    As soon as I started noticing the least bit of amber i began flushing. and today... I chop! :]

    Tanis83 Well-Known Member

    In nature they don't have chemical ferts to keep the plant nice and healthy..... if your only doing organics... like someone already posted on this thread... then flushing isn't required..... but again someone else posted they don't notice any difference..... some people flush 16 times... I'm doing it once....

    smokeh Well-Known Member

    also interested in this. i will be flushing twice in 1 week. hopefully it will be ok.

    Antman Well-Known Member

    Couldn't have said it any better myself. "Stoner Mythology". Don't take anyones word for it. Cut a big branch off before flushing, dry and cure it. Flush the rest of the plant, then dry it and cure IT. Please come back and tell what difference it made for you. Good luck!

    cooker06 Well-Known Member

    so when you are amber you flush right... well is the everytime it needs watered or onle once 21 weeks before??? thanks

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