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Fluorescent lighting

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by reggiedunlop, Sep 11, 2006.


    reggiedunlop Active Member

    From what I have been able to gather thus far, it seems that it is possible to grow using only fluorescent light, although such a lighting system is not ideal. Due to the restraints of my growing environment, budget and abilities, I will only be able to use fluorescent lighting. However, I am only going to be growing 1-2 plants in a contained box with 4-5 lights and Mylar reflection. My question is this: will I be able to produce decent weed with only Fluorescent? I'm obviously a newbie so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    the weed will be decent, but the yield will be small and the buds will be loose. if fluros are the ONLY source of light you can use, then i highly suggest compact fluorescents. hydrofarm makes a 125 watt cfl that works great. but a couple of wal-mart bought 42 watters will work as well

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Yes, you can grow decent weed with flourescents! It won't be dense bud, but it will work.

    Shoplights and compact flourescents, totaling at least 40 watts/sqft will allow you to grow and flower some small plants. If you have 4 square feet of grow space, use at least 160 watts of lighting.

    And save your money! Paint the inside walls with flat white paint, it works as well as mylar, and is a lot easier.


    Ranken Well-Known Member

    i found at wal-mart flourcent lights called strangly enough grow lights made by lights of america they are 24 inches and put out 75 watts buy at least 3 they are only $10 and that includes bulb and lamp they work just fine if its a small garden

    MRbudsmoker Well-Known Member

    dam its so cheap out there in the states.

    Ranken Well-Known Member

    wal mart rocks

    MRbudsmoker Well-Known Member

    wen i waent to atlanta bout 2 months ago i went to wal mart, its massive, god the muffin mixes are good and cheap and the beer to.

    babygro Well-Known Member

    Couldn't agree more Potroast, the difference between mylar and flat, matt white paint is about 5-10% reflectivity and what a lot of people forget is that mylar also reflects heat, whereas white paint absorbs some of the heat, so it's easier to keep temperatures under control. Add in that very few people actually use mylar correctly (needs to be absolutely flat to maximise reflectivity, so many peoples are crinkled) that white paint would reflect more light anyway as well as saving them money!

    Blazin24/7 Well-Known Member

    I have a question, that might also help when answered, I have two flowering plants with only CFL's I have a total of 920watts. in a space that is about 4'x4'x2'. What do you guys think, will all the watts will that make a difference in the buds density, or is it the fact that you need HPS to create the denser buds? So it doesn't matter how much CFL wattage you put to them they just won't produce, correct? Thanks:mrgreen:

    Ranken Well-Known Member

    where u from im up in md.

    thewood Active Member

    that many light will work its not really wattage as much as time the the longer they vege the more buds because they'll have more nods i have mine under 4 42 watt cfl's the produce alot of resd spectrum which is what palnts need to flower hids and hps lights produce about 1/3 more spectrum though so you come out with alot but not as much or as fast as those lights but if you grow a plant under floros with 20 nods and a plant under hid or hps with 10 nods you gonna get more with the floros of course it will take twice as long

    lildre Active Member

    um yeah um a newbie at this too but i still know what to get! i would say the t-8 flourescent is good for growin, maybe not flowering? but if your going for head stash it will get the job done!

    lildre Active Member

    oh i have a question, how the hell does the carbon scrubber work?

    Lacy New Member

    Absolutely. Cfl's get such a bad rap but if you are doing other things to make the best use out of them, they work great. This is my 5th indoor grow using only cfl's and although I am getting a new MH 1000 watt light today, I have had great success.

    I did not have the space or knowledge about other lights but did produce some really dank bud. My last grows were done in a very long closet and all the walls were painted flat white. I also used growluv bulbs 'cause they produce 30% more.

    I will never say cfl's suck because like anything else, it all depends and other factors......available space, ventilation, money, growing mediums, nutes... etc etc


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    Lacy New Member

    True BUT you can mix up your bulbs to get a better balanced light for vegging and then switch for flowering.

    I have a mixture of bulbs in my fixture for this very reason.:blsmoke::peace:

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    It's basically a filter filled with activated carbon. It pulls air through the filter, and the carbon absorbs any/all foul odors. It also removes airborne contaminates and fungul spores.

    lildre Active Member

    i was wondering i am growing in a small closet and i have a window in the room but not in the closet how can i vent the air to the window using the shelf carbon scrubber? and what to use can some one help!
    thx peace

    lildre Active Member

    and does it still can the air even if i dont vent it to the outside or do you have too have it go outside? somke one help please!

    lildre Active Member

    can the carbon scrubber still work if you dont vent it to the out side i was going o get the shelf carbon scrubber and vent it to the outside but if i dont have to i wont!

    guitarman7311 Well-Known Member

    I agree with above stament if u want a good cheap grow light for vegetative state, wAlmarts gro lite for 10 bucks is awesome and will make your plants short and bushy not tall and scrawny. U need to get about 4 of em and duct tape them all together. Would be perfect for 2 plants for up to 2 months, Then id use hps light to flower if possible.

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