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Flowering Times 12on 12off or 9on 15off????

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by JDawg701, Feb 3, 2013.


    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    ive had my plants on 12 12 for awhile almost 6 weeks n there still kinda small...im gonna move em to 9 15 will this increase my yield....i heard the buds tend grow bigger when lights are out longer

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Why would you only want the lights on 9 hrs a day during flowering? 9/15 means 9 hours on, 15 hours off.

    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    because i was told if you lower ur lighting to stay on only for 9 hours then ur plant has 15 hours of darkness meaning it will grow better because the buds grow when the lights are off ....

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Few questions: soil composition, technique, nutes used, amounts, your pH, watering schedule, amount & types of light used? (kelvin and wattage, please) (bulb spectrum at this point in the growing makes a good bit of difference)

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    You want the 12/12 bro. THC production requires the proper quantity and quality of light. It seems that none of the biosynthetic processes operate efficiently when low light conditions prevent proper photosynthesis. Research has shown (Valle et al. 1978) that twice as much THC is produced under a 12-hour photoperiod than under a 10-hour photoperiod.

    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    lights cfls 8 of em at 23 watts ...mg soils ...blooming nutes just started them now...i gotta friend that told me so this so i thought id try it out but ask around to first

    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    thanks topfuel...maybe because i never had any nutes from veggie to flowering till late in the 5th week of flowering i picked up nutes.. so its been about a few days since its first dosage...alot of people told me they have seen people use 23 watt cfs using nutes and still get a good ammout if growed with the proper nutes

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    2500 lumens per square foot is recommended to grow. What ever your using cfl-led-hid.

    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    1 bulb puts out 1600 lumens at 23 wats and i have 10 of them in my closet

    cheechako Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Then 1 on, 23 off should produce enormous buds. You should try an experiment and let us know.
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    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    but ya anyways 10 23watt cfls 1600 lumens a piece for a total of 16000 lumens total for the closet

    waterdawg Well-Known Member

    Stick with the 12 hour cycle. Tell your friend he's wrong lol. I have experimented with veg cycles interupted (it does work btw) to save power but never flower cycles. Also it is my understanding that the growth cycle stops when light goes out but may be wrong.

    danknuggs419 Member

    Just my 0.02ยข....photosynthesis only occurs (in a cannibis plant, some plant are different) during daylight or lights on for indoor growers. 12/12 is the adopted light cycle in the cannibis community as it first stimulates the change from vegetation to flower and at the same time keeps the plant in that photoperiod as well. I've ran tests at 11/13 and 13/11 and found no significant difference in ield. The only trick I've been taugjt and still use is to go lights out last 24 hours before harvesr or a 6/18..it stimulates plants into releasing all o2 and h20 to absorb all available co2 in a survival tactic. It doesn't do much but its help fill out n dense my buds up.

    On a side note, I'm still amazed growers compare lumens when talking about lights or even foot candles as well...those are measurements of the HUMAN eye. Plants use light for photosynthesis, lumens have nothing to do with the amount of photons absorbed into the leaves of a plant. PARwatts are aspecific measurement for plants. Lumens are just how bright a human interprets a light..

    Nol Member

    try using a Real ~ light ~ might be your SUCKY Lights

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    The topic of this thread is a bad idea...a little extra dark may ripen them a few days earlier I hear but def won't increase ur size....that's just crazy talk.....don't try every slick trick n get bud big n fast moves u see on the net....stickbw the basics n grow an average healthy plant to start w with abnormal average basic set up and schedule (feeding and lighting)....once u get that down then shoot for some advanced growing techniques...one step at a time...think abt it...more light = bigger plants n bigger yields... why would u wanna take that away from em

    JDawg701 Well-Known Member

    well im assuming my cfl setup is going to do very well in this closet knowing i have 10 cfls shooting out lots of light ...to be honest compared to my old 400 watt hp light cfls kick its ass.....it deff puts out more light and blinds me but the 400 watt hp dont do nuttin like that so im deff sticking with my cfls....and to top it off they give off no heat and save on power and if you youtube cfl grows ull see alot of people getting some nice ammounts off cfl grows....but hands down from the way the light output is and heat difference compared to my old 400 watt hp light im sticking with my cfls

    check this link on a cfl grow ...kickass dont talk down cfls now


    heres another guy talking about how good cfls are and gets a great yield


    cannabiscultivation Active Member

    Nice and cheap...the way we like it.
    I got my 23 watt cfl spots at the dollar store.
    Just for clones and added to my LEDs when the heater trys to come on.

    Jay3Lee Member

    I have heard of people using Deep Red light treatments (660nm i think?) for 30 mins after lights off.. The research is still incomplete, but the premise is that the sun puts out very intense red light at sunset.. which causes the plants to hasten into their night time activity. This is the theory anyways.. the hypothesis is that the deep red treatment will allow your plants to reach peak night time activity much faster.. allowing you to decrease your night period by up to 2 hours. The experiments are still incomplete.. but I am anxious to see the results! This could potentially cut a week or more off of harvest time! Totally cool!

    navyfighter04 Active Member

    Let me guess. Bmeat told you to do that didnt he?

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    I don't have to you tube it...I do it in real life... 1357137327416.jpg 1357137327416.jpg 1355925858787.jpg 1358259849597.jpg 20121215_182115.jpg ...my space is a lot smaller than a closet n I have a lot more than 10 23 waters...I put that on my seedlings... 20130202_224906.jpg ...and here's my seedlings View attachment 2509341 ...and some finished stuff View attachment 2509344 1356352609415.jpg I've got some stuff on you tube..."cfls....kush"...have 3 videos...2 of those bulbs on my seedlings are 42 watters

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