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Flowering time of super thai x skunk?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by randgen, Jun 29, 2008.


    randgen Active Member

    Growing four Super Thai X Skunk plants that I need done before september. I heard it's a slow plant, so when should I get it on 12/12? I think one plant is starting to show sex now after about 5 weeks of veg.
    Golden Ray

    Golden Ray Well-Known Member

    Do yourself a big favor and veg for at the very least 9 weeks, but as soon as the branches go asemetrical ( not straight across) you can flower her. Take alook at my Medical Garden below and look at the pic that says 36 hr no light, beside that look how big she is and full, I have 34 TOPS on her and very little interferance.
    Think about it, the longer you veg the stronger the plant the bigger the Yield.

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