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Flowering time in IL

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by hossfield, May 23, 2008.


    hossfield Well-Known Member

    so i put 3 plants outside about 3 weeks ago, they were about a foot at the time, and was just wondering will they go into flower in the summer? or are the shorter fall days what triggers flower....cause if they veg for the whole summer crap nuts theyll be like 10 feet tall by the end, and plants that big prolly wont stay hidden as well.....ive done a few indoor grows but this is my frist time outdoors

    Robby Active Member

    It depends on what strain you have, how well it flowers, but I live in Illinois and they gernerally start in about the end of june or first of July.

    hossfield Well-Known Member

    ok, no idea what strain, just bag seed, but when they were inside they took about 10 weeks to finish....so i think they are a little on the longer side, i put em out there like a week after 420, any idea how long till they be done? (so what your saying they will start to flower with time even if its june/july and theyre getting like 14-16 hours of light?)
    Last edited: May 23, 2008

    joebuck Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I just spouted a couple of bagseeds that I have and am curious about this too...glad you asked! I am on my first grow and don't really know what to expect with flowering.

    MagillaGuerilla Active Member

    If it came from some standard "middies" commercial weed, Id say you will be fine because commercial growers are growing strains that are fast finishers usually, finish standard time mid Sept to mid Oct.

    Now if you pulled that seed out of a nug of some funky haze or something, well then good luck.

    Thats the problem with growing bagseed outdoors, you gotta plant and pray, lol.

    stickycrippler New Member

    If your worried about the height of your plants you can top them. (Pinching off the very top new growth). This will keep them shorter and they will be bushier.

    joebuck Well-Known Member

    "plant & pray" - ain't that the truth!!! :mrgreen:
    Last edited: May 23, 2008

    Robby Active Member

    If you put those plants out around the middle of April, and they were maybe a foot tall, you should finish about the first of october or so, and depending on what part of the state you live in, cause it's a long ass state, you should be fine. Provided they don't get spotted because there so big and nothing else is that green.

    s.c.mtn.hillbilly Well-Known Member

    depends on the bag!...I'm from back there, and we usually got mex. or colombian which is sativa...but nowadays with the seed banks, the only way you'll know is by seeing them grow.wide leaves, more toward indica,shorter,bigger buds...skinny, sativa grow to 20' sometimes,yielding in the lbs.at that height....if you're worried about height, train 'em horizontal (my pics). I'm not worried about height, I just like having 10 kona buds instead of one!

    Snookster Well-Known Member

    Hillbilly is right.....hard to tell right now. Got a pretty sativa doing LST right now...wish I would have done that a ways back. SHE LIKES IT!!

    Robby Active Member

    The guy said Aprox 10 wks indoors so If thats true he should get something, but the Hillbilly's right about sativas, because when I was younger, and still, there's alot of sativa around here, they bring it up from Mexico and Texas. I grew bagseed last year and thats what it ended up being.

    hossfield Well-Known Member

    ya its def more sativa, real big skinny leaves...

    medicalgrow420 Active Member

    hey hossfield are they indica or sativa? sativas can grow up to 12 feet tall while indicas will top out around 5.5 feet and bush out. if your worried about the height try LST training (low stress straining) tie the top of your plant down and then tie the branches down to and keep it at about 2-3ft tall by doing this you will also increase your over all yeild because more inside branches are getting just as much sun light as the top.

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