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Flowering temp question !!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by beelstyle, Jan 31, 2013.


    beelstyle Well-Known Member

    hey, last night my timer didnt go on and my room was 100f for about 5 hours in flowering.

    I got it all under control now, 78f for the rest of my grow. Its been at 78f for two week now, 100f just those 5 hours.

    That shouldnt affect the plants too bad?

    I am growing Og


    dellamore Active Member

    That happened to me once except mine was 132F and my plants fried. What do yours look like? If they don't look like they are struggling you will be fine...

    cobra28widow New Member

    they will be fine.. My friend use to get home everyday from work and his temps were like 105 F every single day while flowering.. I couldnt believe they produced what they did.. I thought they would be dead for sure because they were in small 1 gal dwc buckets.. by the time he got home everyday they were 95% empty.

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