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flowering taking too long

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by farmer.joe, Sep 21, 2009.


    farmer.joe Well-Known Member

    hi there long time no see all. I have two highland nepolise plants 12-13 weeks into flowering there are a few red pistles in amongst the white hairs but flowering seems to have stopped (not veging) I have been flushing them out just with fresh water for a few weeks now thinking they would be finished but noooo..... any advice I kind of need them to be finished ASAP as im going away. I got more than enough light cfl and hps with about 1000 watts in total (a bit much for 2 plants but the more the better. any way of forcing them to finish the budding?
    Doctor Cannabis

    Doctor Cannabis Well-Known Member

    Banana peels, molasses or the pill. No kidding intended.

    Banana peels (or even apple or cucumber peels) produce ethylene, a gas taht forces the accelerated production of most all plants. Some growers will actually tell you that banana peels, placed on top of the soil or even in the soil can raise the chances for you to get a female out of a regular seed and will definitly shorten flowering and raise yield.

    The pill, which essentially contains estrogen has been proven to accelerate flowering. This test was made by farmers on several farm plants (tomatos, carrots etc) by mixing the pills in the watering solution.

    Molasses contains carbohydrates and all necessary microelements the plant and buds need to grow. The carbohydrates feed the microorganisms in the soil, these in turn break down the soil into absorbable nutes and substances for the plant.
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    figtree Active Member

    hey nice post! some things we all would like to know.

    AdReNaLiNeRuSh Well-Known Member

    You also have to take into account the type of plant that you are growing. I, personally, am unfamiliar with it, but if it is a mostly pure sativa, it could take 80-120 days to fully flower.

    Doctor Cannabis

    Doctor Cannabis Well-Known Member

    Yeah, there's genetics too. You will never be able to flower a sativa, no matter what tricks you use, faster than an indica that is being exposed to the worst conditions possible.

    dednbloated Well-Known Member

    couldnt agree more i have an indica and sativa next to eachother outdoors , same nutes and coditions , the indica has flowered wayyyy more than the sativa, the sativa seems to not wanna grow big buds:-?

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Increasing the dark period will force them to finish early too. Go 14-16 hours dark.

    cbtwohundread Well-Known Member

    if sativa it wil l take a while.,.,listen to doc he knows wat he is talking about

    farmer.joe Well-Known Member

    thank you guys, unfortunatley i do not have the pill lol I used epsom salts and other organic fertiliser( although I heard if you germinate seeds in the pill they will more than likley be female), Is it possible that it had nute lock? i have only about another week and half tops aaaargh. Ive only ever grown sativa and they didnt take so long, ive just read 14-18 weeks no way, I thought 12 tops. might have to crop early and make do as I'm leaving the country
    but if you can find the time definetly worth trying, although they shot up and I had to train them so space is better. but smells sweet and citrusy hmmmmmmmm. thanks again.
    Doctor Cannabis

    Doctor Cannabis Well-Known Member

    Yeah, overwatering and root lock can also slow down growth.

    amquai New Member

    How many pills/amount of water is suggested?

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