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Flowering Sharks Breath help

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Endorium, Jan 7, 2011.


    Endorium Member

    This is my Sharks breath plant. It is only one plant(and very large)
    Growing in a hydro setup with a 250w cfl and just added 90 ufo led

    It is flowering now on 12\12 cycle and is getting nice long hairs every where :)

    Should I be pruning at this stage? It seems very crowded. I have trimmed the very lowest gowth from the plant to aid ventilation

    Any comments\help would be greatly appreciated

    Alexoxox Active Member

    Should have taken a couple clones from it, but other than that, you can start taking a cou ple fan eaves from the middle/top area to help lights reach the bottoms buds better, or you could not and just have stronger main colas and not so many pop corn buds on the bottom, its up to you, but i wouldnt recommend pruning for nothing, it will stunt the plants growth slightly

    HowzerMD Well-Known Member

    By the time you harvest the plant will be double to triple it's current size. By the looks of it, you won't have the room. You could top, but that could take forever to recover from while in flowering. Tying down limbs is the next best thing, but even then there's only so much you can do. My best advice is take a few clones and start flowering them before they get too large. Add the depth of your lamp, the height of your pot and the distance from the lamp to the plant together. Subtract that from your over-all grow space height and you have the total space left for your plant.

    Endorium Member

    thanks for the quick replys.
    When I started to flower it did go on a growth spurt but has seemed to stop now and be spending its energy on flowering. Fingers crossed it does not get much bigger. Its meant to be a short strain buts its over 3ft tall now!!!

    Will try tie a few branches down. Can you cut off branches and clone them even though it has started to flower?

    May leave pruning it as I count 9 top colas!!! Idid LST it early on so that would explain why so many tops. The branches are incredibly thick :)

    HowzerMD Well-Known Member

    Some people say you CAN'T clone flowering plants, which is totally untrue. You can clone a flowering plant as easily as a vegetative plant, it may just take a while longer to root and show new growth.

    Endorium Member

    Will give it a try on a couple of branches. Nothing to lose really.

    DO you really think it will grow in height much more? Was hoping now it had a growth spurt at the start of flowering it would just fatten up rather than grow up?

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