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Flowering / reverting back to veg

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by vast, Oct 8, 2007.


    vast Active Member

    Hi, new to the forum, looks great!!

    I have a quick question. My plants are 2weeks old now and growing quite rapidly. I have 2 healthy plants growing, and I will need to sex them to make sure i have all girls b4 i clone them and start my full grow. My questions are, how long should I wait to start the flowering cycle, and is it healthy for the plants to revert them back to 18hrs per day back to veg cycle?

    The reason for this, is I dont have 2 grow areas and Im limited space wise.


    JohnnyPotSeed1969 Well-Known Member

    take clones before you flower, and keep track of which plants they came from. if you clone and revert back to veg you add weeks on to the total time it takes to finish your plant, not to mention you run the risk of stressing them to hermie. you really create more work for yourself doing it the way you just described. hope this helps.

    limoman Active Member

    Hi - you sound like you know about clones . I have been told not to use clones from clones ? Have a small system (14 plants in hydro set up) am on my 3rd run and still using the original clones I bought .

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