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flowering plant with lots of issues HELP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by dadariouk, Jul 8, 2013.


    dadariouk New Member


    hi guys. Im a complete newbie and first time grower. My plant is showing so many bizarre symptoms and i cant find out whats wrong with, despite having searched all over the web.

    some basic data about the plant : grow medium is a small indoor pot with compost + soil mix, using water with 6.9 ph, only started to use an organic nute 5.6.7 npk and using sunlight. ( i have to admit that light might be one of the problems )

    the plant is 5 months old and it has grown single calyxs at various nodes, and it measures around 35cm.

    bizare symptoms :

    calyxs have 2 white pistils coming out but they are very far from each other. since the calyx form the base of a bud, it should normally be quite close to each other and then swell till they form an actual bud right? but there are only one or two of them at each node and some of the white pistils have already turned orange/red/brown.(isnt color change a sign of harvest stage? )
    the fan leaves went from 5 fingered to 3 fingered and are huge(size of a normal palm) compared to the actual 5 fingered.

    i dont have any pics yet but i feel theres something wrong with the plant and since its my only plant, i dont want to mess it up or have some weird kind of bud. has anyone ever come across those similar symptoms? any help would be very appreciated.

    one more thing, where do calyxs pop out, nodes only or they might pop out around the main stem or small stems? should i chop down some of the fan leaves?

    thanks in advance.

    MajorCoco Active Member

    5 months!! FIVE MONTHS? We're going to have to see a photo of this...most plants show calyxes (or pollen sacs) within 3-4 weeks of germination.

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    usually 5 month old plants are rootbound and need their roots leeched

    maarouf.bekdash Active Member

    Oo i think you Vegged it for too long!! and 5 month is usually a total time for growing and thats even to very specific strains like Dr. Grinspoon and such!!!! It would be cool to see some pictures though! Oo

    dadariouk New Member

    I finally got few pics! Vegged for too long? Can something be done here? Thanks guys.. ( sorry for poor quality of pics) image.jpg image.jpg

    Attached Files:


    dadariouk New Member

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    I couldn't rotate the pics either lol sorry.. As u can see many pistils turned brownish and calyx es are quite far from each other.. Any ideas?

    ThorGanjason Well-Known Member

    Ummmm....is that a marijuana plant?¿?

    Crankyxr Active Member

    Have you changed the light schedule to 12/12? They'll only start to flower once in that light cycle.
    also, the three finger leaves are usually a sign of reveg, meaning they've started to flower and reverted back to veg.

    2012dmax Member


    MajorCoco Active Member

    Yeah...as I suspected. You have a major light shortage. Your plant is never going to yield significant amounts of bud unless you give it more light....

    jamezsr New Member

    the Chinese imitate every thing :bigjoint:

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