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    I have recently switched to 12/12 with HPs and buds are starting to form. My problem tho is near the buds the leafs are bending all over the pace and towards the center they are turning a bit yellow. Just wondering if anyone knew a way to stop these things or if they are normal also I am using the lucas formula with dwc. I have some pics but it's a little hard to see what I am talking about.Thanks in advance for the help!

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    nameno Active Member

    You need to tell us more.
    like Ph,temp of water and air
    What kind and how much nutes?
    light,without that I have to guess.

    I guess it's hot the light to close,and to much nutes and your PH is off ans you haven't read anything.
    Now that's what I guess,that's all I can do without more info.GL

    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    Hi, canablis next time you take a photo turn the lights off. Sounds like heat but more info needed as nameno points out.

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    agree, heat or PH, need more info
  5. in the pictures the lights don't look too intense on the plant. I would say it is ph nute lockout. I did that to my plants and my plants were looking just like yours. Like the twisting and curling of the leaves. Looking all deformed and stuff. I don't know how you would flush in a dwc(not even sure what a dwc is) but I would flush because I think its ph nute lockout. And then I would tone down the nutes/dilute it more.

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