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Flowering Clone? Is it possible? w/ pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by The Kush Guy, Mar 18, 2009.

    The Kush Guy

    The Kush Guy Active Member

    I have an interesting discovery in my clone closet this morning, am I mistaken or does this clone look like its flowering?

    It is on 16/8 with every other clone in the tub, no other clones are showing like this.

    I have been trying different techniques to speed up this hard to clone strain, including different additive treatments, this clone was in a small tub of Prop-O-Gator (included pic) root enhancer for about 10-12 days before this pic. This is the first I have noticed flowering characteristics, if that is what I am seeing.

    I am new to this, about 6 months of growing, but have read hundreds and hundreds of RIU posts. I am not asking for help, I'll watch it and see what happens, I like to experiment and learn what works and what doesnt, even if it costs me plants. I just thought this was very interesting.

    Anyone agree this looks like flowering? Can this really happen on 16/8 lights? Maybe its just stress?



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    skybike Well-Known Member

    A picture would help :S
    The Kush Guy

    The Kush Guy Active Member

    Not sure what happened, I have re-uploaded the pics.


    herbose Well-Known Member

    Definitely flowering. Shouln't happen with 18/6. Your additive is very high in phosphorus which is a flowering nutrient. If you don't want flowering don't use that additive. Also, it has no nitrogen which is necessary for veg. Only thing I can think of.

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Happens every now and then . . . stick it in your bud room. You may be pleasantly surprised. Last one I did grew an ounce. You'll probably need to TP it into a smallish planter*, like a gallon or less, IMO.

    * unless there's plenty of room in the one it's in. Don't need a ton of root space to flower a clone.
    The Kush Guy

    The Kush Guy Active Member

    I am running about 20% recommended dosage to try and kick a very hard to clone plant and have seen some interesting results so far. Its taking me 8-12 weeks to get 8" clones rooted and into dirt with about a 65% mortality rate, tried every cloning technique under the sun.

    I was thinking I would leave this a few days and see what happens to her, but I agree, flowering room is the next place she should live.

    Thanks, any other thoughts out there on this one?

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    docjohn Well-Known Member

    my friend has five of her clones hairier than a hairy pu$%y but they've been on 24/0 then 18/6. I told her they were flowering then I though noway.

    one seems to be comng out of it, probably because she hacked the fuck out of it.

    but now, the others are super hairy still and their branches aren't coming off the stem. one clone is pnly like 8 inches but has like 13 branches all pressed against them stem and hairy as fuck.

    GreenBully Well-Known Member

    maybe cuz you're runnin 16/8 unles this is a typo. i hear the success rate with the aero garden is pretty damn good with no nuts or compound jus good ol green and water. maybe add a lil phosphorus on week two and you good to go..i also hear plain water will do

    Wordz Well-Known Member

    some clones don't wanna stop flowering for a long time if they started maybe try another plant?

    kremnon Well-Known Member

    all u have to do is give it some nitro and keep ur light where it is it will regenerate into a nice bushy plant
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    Marijuana101 Well-Known Member

    let the clones flower shit. WEED MY FRIEND lol If this was me I would keep cloning that plant
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    The Kush Guy

    The Kush Guy Active Member

    Just for fun, I figured I would update this thread with a picture of the little midget, he's been flowering away for about 35-40 days on 12/12, he's yellowed some leaves up and I pruned them off but he's still soldiering on like a trooper!!! And still producing trichs despite not growing up, I think he's going to stay a midget forever.

    He is far from the only plant I have but definitely one of the more entertaining ones. I'm going to run him to the end and roll him into one big fat blunt!

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    West Coast Medicine

    West Coast Medicine Well-Known Member

    All u gotta do is trim the hairs off and it will eventually stop budding. Clones keep the age of the mother plant, if you clone a flowering plant, it will continue to flower, but with a clone you can simply change the light to a veg cycle and trim the hairs and it will revert to veg.
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    The Kush Guy

    The Kush Guy Active Member

    Thats interesting, can you clone a flowering plant and get it to root while flowering? I ask only out of curiosity.

    I still like the idea of smoking the midget in one fat blunt. hahaha.

    West Coast Medicine

    West Coast Medicine Well-Known Member

    Nah, the plant wouldn't get any nutrients for budding without roots. Maybe with foliar feeding temporarily, but that would screw up the buds.

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