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Flowering at 4 Weeks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by flooby nooby, Jun 1, 2011.

    flooby nooby

    flooby nooby Member

    Any reason why a 4 week old plant from seed would look like this? It has been under a 400w hps 18/6 and is showing signs of flowering. White hairs are all over this thing. should she be kept 18/6 till week 6 or just flowered now? Is this common?

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    flooby nooby

    flooby nooby Member

    weird right???

    MichiganGabe Member

    well....im no pro but I would probably start flowering them to be safe. Are you sure that they are not auto-flowering strain? If so youo dont have to change the light cycle.:peace:

    xxSpLaTTeRzxX Well-Known Member

    Thats definitely flowering. I would put it into 12/12 right away, if this reverses back to veg stage you can count 2 more weeks to get back to veg.
    flooby nooby

    flooby nooby Member

    wasnt supposed to be autoflowering. there are 2 other big buddha cheese from the same batch that have not done this. they are not growing nearly as freakishly tho.
    flooby nooby

    flooby nooby Member

    ok she has been left in to flower.... kinda second guessing myself considering she was doing so well with 18/6. never seen this before, guess we'll see what happens

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