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Floralicious plus? What's the point?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by AlphaPhase, Jul 4, 2014.


    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    We're talking about General Hydroponics. Not the prettiest bottles out there, lol.
    There's not a nutrient line out there that includes everything that is Floralicious+ in their base nutrient.
    In fact, FloraNova is about as close as it gets. There are other 1 part nutrients, but they aren't packed with humic or fulvics.
    They're diluted WAY DOWN to get them both in one bottle. FN super-saturates the solution to keep one mineral from acting apon another.
    You can't put a bloom booster in a base nutrient. ???
    You can complete an entire grow using FN Bloom without any problems.
    If you're looking to pull off a grow with 1 botlle, FN Bloom is the best choice IMhO.
    Compare the three bottles I use to the Advanced Nutrients full lineup.
    Got your humic/fulvics, amino acids, vitamins, beneficial microbes, Micro nutrients, Macro nutrients (absolutely NO need for Cal/Mag additive FN has plenty) high P/K booster for flower.

    It costs me about 65 bucks to run a full cycle with all 3 bottles I use....

    Results speak for themselves.
    People out there running 10-15 bottles aren't pulling what I'm pulling, and I don't claim to be anywhere NEAR the best grower around. I'm still learning like everyone else.
    My entire mentality is if I can do it, so can you. I've always tried to convey that in everyone of my shared grows.

    Advanced Nutrients can suck my balls. I don't need a million bottles.
    I use 3.
    A base.
    A bloom booster.
    An amino/tons of other shit supplement.

    Until I see someone pulling major weight of Good Bud using only a base nutrient I think I'll probably stick to what I'm doing and keep recommending it to others as a SUPER SIMPLE, minimalistic, and HIGHLY effective nutrient regimen.

    A regimen that isn't complete without Floralicious+.
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    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    So no micro? Just flora Nova bloom at 16ml per gallon and floralicious plus @ 1ml a gallon?

    I definitely want to try this formula soon, if I don't need micro or gro nutes it might actually save me some money. Props man!

    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    I should have looked up floranova before I asked that question, I didn't know it was a one part nute, freaking sweet though. I am using the flora series using Lucas currently, it's my first time using gh nutes but I like them. Wish I knew about the one part series, my last grow I used dyna one part nutes and loved the ease of the one part. Before that I used technflora with a ton of different nutes and it worked OK but was a pain in the ass mixing all of them. Can't wait to try the floranova now
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    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    The FloraNova will go A HELL OF A LOT further than any other 1 part liquid nutrient out there.
    VERY Concentrated.
    You don't need the Veg formula at all. Just the Bloom.

    Good stuff.
    Don't skimp on the Floralicious+ no matter what GH product you're using.
    I think that was the point of the thread, lol.
    REALLY good stuff.

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    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    Awesome man, thanks again. I'm fairly new to trying different nutes, always used the same stuff for years and now trying to find a good recipe and I think I got it now, thanks again. Found a quart of floralicious plus on eBay for $40 and a gallon of floranova bloom for $60. Will be picking them up for the next round. Quick question though, there is a floralicious plus in a black bottle and one in a white bottle, are they the same? Which one is bbetter, is the white bottle newer? I don't wanna get a old Batch of it so just curious

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    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    Even with the pictures of the green or back bottles, I've only recieved the white ones.
    White ones would seem to be newer.
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    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    QUOTE="Taviddude, post: 10677645, member: 368490"]Even with the pictures of the green or back bottles, I've only recieved the white ones.
    White ones would seem to be newer.[/QUOTE]
    OK awesome man, appreciate the info

    c0ldsm0ke Active Member

    koolbloom is friggin rad. using it with pure cane molasses at the time, the buds have become SOOOO dense over the past week
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    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    I actually doubled my harvest with liquid koolbloom starting out.
    I used just a base nutrient from start to finish on my first run.
    Second run was the same other than the addition of Liquid Koolbloom.

    I imagine it would be similar results to using any high P/K additive, but for me it was Liquid Koolbloom.

    I know I'm not making any friends on here pushing General Hydroponics products with everyone trying to
    reinvent the wheel, but it works.
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    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    Gh products are proving me to be the real deal. FOR SURE. if people could smell my nugs at 4 weeks and see the trichs in person I bet a lot of people would give them a shot. And no lie, it's been about one week since adding floralicious plus and some raggedy leaves on my Larry og have turned nice lush green. It's awesome. I mean, I've had a lot of problems getting everything dialed in so it's not my best grow by any means, but I can see the crazy good potential of floralicious plus. Next run I'll be using f+ the whole grow

    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    If you want frosty, super smelly plants it's definitely good for that.

    SpaaaceCowboy Well-Known Member

    I use FP, but have recently researched bloom nutes that increase trich production...KoolBloom, although a liquid and a powder mix, was one of the top 4 that I came up with.....Think I'm leaning towards KoolBloom or BloomBastic.
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    Bueno Time

    Bueno Time Well-Known Member

    Im trying a couple clones on the side of my normal growing routine. Ive grown the mother out in organic soil mix so I know how it turned out quality wise that way. Im doing two cuts in straight coco coir and going to feed FNB to one and FNB and FL+ to the other to see the difference the Floralicious Plus makes in addition to how the Floranova Bloom preforms solo and with the FL+ at 1mL per gal.

    Going to work up to a max around 8mL per gal of FNB if needed, apparently that is Lucas formula, FNB @ 8mL per gallon. I hear people getting good/better results at 5mL per gal rather than 8mL so I plan to work my way up and see.

    This is my first time with chem nutes and first time trying to grow in straight coco. Seems easy enough from what I have seen and read of the stuff. Hoping it works well for me, I know you have to shake the piss out of the FNB before each use.

    Sorry not trying to thread jack. Great info in here from Tavid in particular. Thats funny I thought about going with FNB, FL+, and KB powder but sticking to the KISS theme I wanted to try the FNB by itself and for fun decided to add FL+ to another to see the difference for myself.

    I picked up a quart of FNB for $21.85 on ebay and a 4oz rebottle of FL+ for $12 also on ebay about two weeks ago. My side experiment has just started on the two clones, transplanting from beer cups to 3qt pots of coco in a couple days then veg for a week or two before flowering, the clones are already topped.

    I'll update with my results as the experiment progresses.
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    AlphaPhase Well-Known Member

    Awesome man, I am loving the koolbloom liquid at the moment, I'm running Lucas with the flora series and it was so so starting out, started at full strength like it said to do, and that was a horrible idea. You got it right with starting low and working your way up. Can't wait to hear your results with the new formulas ur using. I can't wait to try the floranova, wish I researched nutes a little more before using the flora series because I would have used that instead. Here's a couple pics from today, sorry the hps was on at the time so shitty pics, but decent size for 4 week flowering and first gh nute run

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    Breezee77 Active Member

    How far into flower to you foliar with FP?
    Bueno Time

    Bueno Time Well-Known Member

    I forgot I said I was going to update the progress and today is day 26 12/12 but these are pics from day 19 12/12.




    Both clones of the same mother plant they are both getting RO water mixed with only Floranova Bloom currently @ ~1.4ec (~1.2mL/qt), not adjusting pH, in 3L pots of coco hand watered to waste 1-2x a day. The one on the right with the blue tape on the pot is also getting the Floralicious Plus @ ~1mL per gallon.

    There is a slight smell difference when I rub the trichs and smell my fingers, the FL+ plant has a little bit sweeter smell but not much difference yet that I can tell.
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    rob333 Well-Known Member

    it says on the bottle 1 ml per ltr is way to much in my opinion i half that for foliar i spray them all the way up to about when i have 3-2 weeks left so i stop around week 5 but make sure u have a wikked airflow and also do it about 3-4 hours be4 ur lights come on or halfa be4 they go off i find the shit hangs around a long time on the leaves so high chance of leaf burn hope that helps u out bro

    Breezee77 Active Member

    The one your spraying looks greener, but there other one looks like the buds are bigger and is just bigger in general. Was that one a little bigger to start with?
    Bueno Time

    Bueno Time Well-Known Member

    Im not spraying them, I actually never foliar feed my plants. Ive been watering in the FL+ with the FNB into the medium. And ya the one Im giving FL+ was just a hair smaller at the start of flowering but really almost identical in size and structure. Both rooted at the same time and both topped the same amount of times, same veg time, etc.

    I wanted to give the FL+ to the slightly smaller plant so I wouldnt end up thinking the FL+ was making the one plant bigger, if that makes any sense. I am curious to see if there is any difference in the yield but mostly testing out if/how the FL+ effects the overall bag appeal of the buds, smell, and taste.
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    Zulu Smoker

    Zulu Smoker Active Member

    Now this is GOLD for people looking at ways to maximize yield without using the complete expert General Hydroponics lineup. I was on the fence myself with what nutes to use for my first indoor grow and this just sounds perfect for my needs. So this is basically a FloraNova based Lucas Formula with a lot of blooming/flowering additives, exactly what I had in mind but was unsure if it was a productive plan. Thanks for clearing this up! (old thread but thanks are in order still)
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