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Flavoring a tincture???

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by zips16, Feb 13, 2012.


    zips16 Active Member

    Attempting to make a glycerin based tincture tonight and was wondering what I can use to flavor it so it doesn't taste like raw cannabis. Can I use raw sugar? I planned on adding after the THC had been dissolved into the glycerin but not sure if adding something will degrade the potency.

    Becorath Well-Known Member

    I would maybe use a drop of some pure food safe extract.

    zips16 Active Member

    Well it tastes pretty good plain and could definitely feel the effects. Can't wait to try it when I haven't smoked and my tolerance is down.

    jdmurrayz Member

    Put a tic-tac in there. That's what I've always done. Whatever your favorite flavor is.

    I recommend orange.

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