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First Time Small Grow Room Journal - Weeks 1 and 2

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by thekman1964, Jun 9, 2013.


    thekman1964 Active Member

    Things going OK. Lights are on a 20/4 cycle and the germinated seeds have been transferred into seedling pots.
    Germinated seed pot.jpg

    I used expensive seedling soil as I thought that was my area of greatest risk. If I had to got expensive on something, that was it. Added some perlite to improve drainage.

    Note my first mistake. DO NOT use pots or seedling trays that light can get through. A big NO NO apparently.

    Of the 10 germinated seeds I ended up getting, I decided to plant them 2 in a pot until they got to seedlings. The reason being is that LED light spread is not that great and I had to plant them closer together than I would like.

    Used a pen to create a hole for the seeding. Made it easier to keep the root facing down when I was planting it. Note the use of the spray bottle to water. Light watering only. Remember - Less is more.

    Hole for germinated seed.jpg Spray bottle use.jpg

    Below is how the whole package looked during the first two weeks of 20/4 lights.
    Week 1.jpg Week 2 before repot.jpg

    For a number of boring reasons I had to re-pot after two weeks as I was going to be away from home and I was worried they might get too big if left too long. Would have like to have left them a little longer, but what can you do.

    The photo below if after re-potting after 2 weeks and how they will stay until they 1) die, or 2) become a male.
    Potted in 20 litre pots.jpg

    See you back here for an update in 2 weeks!

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