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First Time Small Grow Room Journal - Preparation Phase

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by thekman1964, Jun 9, 2013.


    thekman1964 Active Member

    Long time lurker here, so I thought it about time I contribute something.

    This is MY story of MY grow. I will make many mistakes, ignore most advice:-), but I will have fun.
    I have a few domestic restrictions which makes my grow project a little difficult. One is that I have an outdoors grow room that is a little cold and not perfect for growing purposes. Additional heat is not an option unfortunately. Stiff shit for me I just have to deal with it.
    The only space I have available is about 1.25m x 65cm x 70cm. I reckon enough space for 2 plants only. My grow room isn’t the sturdiest as it may need to get pulled down at any time with a few minutes notice.

    I plan to report back every two weeks with hopefully some intelligent feedback. Suggestions most welcome.


    I do have a few restrictions. Enough space for 2 plants max, plus the burden of having to pull the grow room down at any stage.

    Anyway my growspace is basically four self constructed panel frames covered with mylar. Light, easy to pull down, but sturdy enough if I need to attach scrog later on.

    Costs and purchases
    Clearly didn't have everything I needed to start, so needed to shop online and locally. A summary follows with prices in AUD.

    Lights - Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar 135 Watt LED grow light - $250. Arrived less than 10 days after purchase online.
    Structure Walls - Basically some cheap lightweight timber - $65
    Mylar - $40
    Brackets for frame - $12
    Chain to adjust light height - $8
    Medium - Seedling soil - $12
    Pot 20 litre x 2 - $7
    Timer x 2 - Already had
    Potting mix - Already had
    Power board - Already had

    PH tester kit - $25
    Seeds were purchased from Bonza Seeds - $40.00. Purchased from O/S arrived in 21 days, well concealed. Well done!
    Fan - $20

    All up, spent $600 to get started.

    20130521_171733.jpg Closet and lights.jpg Closet and lights2.jpg Extra needs.jpg

    Grow room lit up, in situ and a few of the extras I needed to but.

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