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First Time Small Grow Room Journal - Germination Phase

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by thekman1964, Jun 9, 2013.


    thekman1964 Active Member

    Despite buying some seeds from Bonza, I didn't want to waste those seeds on my first grow. You know, just in case I fuck it up.
    Got about 20 seeds from a friend who got them from the pot he was smoking. So the origins of these seeds I was about to plant was very much unknown.


    I used two methods. Did 10 seeds each way.

    Glass of water method

    Put the seeds in the glass of water and left them in a room temperature dark space. Some went to the bottom straight away, some it took 24 hours. All eventually sunk to the bottom. After three days, only two sprouted - and then they were only small sprouts. Took them out after three days. Kept the two that sprouted and ditched the rest.

    Paper towel method

    Moistened four sheets of paper towel and gently squeezed excess water out of it. Placed the 10 seeds evenly over the towel and folded it in such a away that it covered the seeds and could fit into a sandwich sized zip lock bag. Close it up and left it in a dark space at room temperature. I opened the zip lock once a day for five minutes before closing returning to the dark space. After four days I opened the zip lock and there was 7 seeds in various stages of germination.

    Germinated seed.jpg Germinating.jpg Tissue Germinating Package.jpg Tissue Germinating1.jpg

    Example of seed germinated in glass of water method. Next the zip lock method. Shit pictures I know, but the second method produced the best results for me.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    nice napkins lol

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