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First time LST 2nd grow.

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by siq, Jul 13, 2013.


    siq Active Member

    Starting flower on sunday, that will be 4 weeks of veg. i just T-plannted into a 11 gallon pot 15"x15" about a week ago,
    gave it root zone (2oz to 1gal) to help build stronger roots and recover from T-plant faster.

    My Ph Lvl's are around 6.0-6.5
    my soil is a mix of dirt out of a fallen tree thats been laying for years (very rich) with sand and large stones mixed into it.
    and some Master Garden soil with 1.54 - 0.18 - 0.47

    first time LST, so any tips would be awesome. i hope it looks okay. this is just a bag seed so i hope its a female!!
    2 42w cfl and 2 23w cfl all at 6500k ~ 130 watts for veg 16/8

    for flowering i got 6 23watt and 4 42watt cfls all at 2400k. ~ 300 watts for flowering. 12/12
    also i have Pure Blend Pro for soil formula 1 - 4 - 5

    day time temp 80-85
    night time 73-75
    i do have some yellowing going on the tip of the older fan leaves, it was getting too cold at night and that may have messed it up, got my temps steady now and its looking good.

    The black pot was only like a 4 gallon pot, that i found on the side of the road. that i used for my last grow.
    12.jpg 13.jpg i wasnt sure if i was going to do LST so the plant was almost 3 weeks old when i started it. nothing broke,
    but i did have to cut one fan leaf off cuz it was blocking 4-5 nodes.

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    looks pretty good!

    You can try topping the tops of the LSTd branches and letting it grow for another week after that.

    But if you dont want to shes ready for flower.

    I LST and top regularly

    siq Active Member

    well im limited to my space and dont want too many tops. this is just a personal goal for my self, the amount dosent matter to me. i just love the art of growing / lst.
    if this goes good maybe next grow ill top her more and go all out.

    siq Active Member

    okay just switched to 2700k lights, atm i got 2 42watt and 4 24watts. so right around 180watts atm.
    going to give it a week before adding in more lights. since i LST my hood i made pretty much takes up the whole pot, so i must wait for growth to add in a few more 42s and 24's

    Oh also watered with pure blend (20ml to 1gallon) hopefully she takes off and loves the larger amount of food.
    since im off for a week ill keep the first week updated regularly. :peace:

    f1.jpg might look like my lights are a few inches away, but they are really like 1" - 2"

    Also i play music during day time for the plant. nothing crazy just some jack johnson style

    Nuikala Well-Known Member

    LST the crap out of her. The more branches u put down, the more that will come up with 'tops'. check out this little bonsai i grew. Its only 8 or 9 inches tall at the highest point, with 21 'tops'. Grown under 8x23 watt CFL's. No good nutes, just some crap MG houseplant food. Got 25 grams dry. Had a limey, fuel, sour smell. Nice coloured buds. Frosty. Heres the plant at like week 6, my camera broke after that lol.

    Attached Files:


    siq Active Member

    hell yeah that looks good! yea i lst some more yesterday and only took about 4 hours for them to bend back up and start sucking up that light. trying to space out the nodes so i can hit them with a lot of light, top to bottom.
    i dont wanna freak out too much about it, cuz idk if its male or female yet, once the hairs start to show ill add in more light and do a little trimming and getting all nodes to where i want them.

    only 2nd day of flower so i got a little time to wait.

    siq Active Member

    Soo almost a week into flower and got some pre flower's poping out, since im still a newb at this idk if its male or female. But i think its looking more on the male side ;(
    here a few shots.
    f3.jpg f3a.jpg f3b.jpg f3c.jpg
    4th day of flower. i've tried looking up early pre flower but people on google put females as males and males as females lol. i think it might be too early to tell still. idk im anxious to find out.

    some look like they could be females and some look maleish, i guess it could be a hermi?
    since this is my only plant, im going to wait it out and wait for sure.

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    Its lookin a little male to me. but ive had ones that have looked female up until i put em intoflower. then the next day therye fully balled up.

    So hopefully since its been a week youve got a female!

    If it is male though, try grabbin some seeds off the single seed centre.

    siq Active Member

    just sad cuz this is the best looking plant ive ever had. i love the LST stlye i dont think ill ever grow any other way now. ;D

    i got a buddy who has some cloans of dutch passion i might be able to get one or two of.

    siq Active Member

    well sadly to say its a male! ;( 99% sure. too bad, wellp guess its time to buy a dutch passion cloan.
    f4.jpg f4a.jpg f4b.jpg

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    damn! it was lookin nice too!

    siq Active Member

    yeah what i told my lady, its been a sad sad day for me ;( but ill have a dutch passion clone in a week.

    HighLife4Me Well-Known Member


    siq Active Member

    holy crap, thats amazing! if this is true my next seed i have is a female lol DAMMMMNNNNN wish i coulda see this earlier lol. like 5 weeks earlier haha.

    Thanks Highlife4me i guess ill pop this seed in a red cup and see if its true. while i wait for me clone to be ready.
    know what they say 2 plants, double the fun, double the smell, and double the smoke. *tips hat* thanks again.

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