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First time growing in coco...bugs....HELP!

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by thewhitelotus, Mar 26, 2013.


    thewhitelotus Active Member

    Im currently running 2 hempys and was in a hurry this morning and watered my ladies until i started getting runoff then headed out the door. came home a few hours later and went to empty my runoff tray and i noticed a couple different worm like bugs floating on the top of the nute mix. they were still moving around and look also like miniature mealworms (except they are bright white).

    any clue what these might be...im not seeing any gnats or anything of that nature flying around and didnt have these when i was running soil.

    thanks in advance!

    Coho Well-Known Member


    thewhitelotus Active Member

    They were bright white and still surviving in the water. didnt notice any dark heads or anything. i was gone for about 5 hours....never noticed these before.

    CodeWarrior Member

    well , first off , the bugs have to come from something , if your soil less then you need to check your coco, it might be contaminated with all kinds of nasty things, you never know what your going to find and then you need to look at all your plants and your water and nutes , some nutes like fish and guano might have larva in them that made it past quality control.

    thewhitelotus Active Member

    Using Bcuzz coco, so its most likely they came from that. just trying to figure out what they are so i can address it. cant seem to find any pictures similar to what im seeing. They look similar to maggots but smaller and bright white

    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    Sounds like nematodes, if you can, gently scrape a few up and take them to a nursery to check. A REAL plant nursery, not Wally World or anything like that. Some are beneficial and others are NOT. If you have root aphids they can slow them down or stop them if found early if they are the friendly kind. According to my info there are six different nemarode varieties that ATTACK cannabis.

    thewhitelotus Active Member

    whats bizarre is this was the first time i noticed them.....about a week n a half into flowering

    thewhitelotus Active Member

    to followup on this: this morning when i was watering the hempy buckets, i noticed the same white little worm like bugs crawling out of the coco when i watered and as soon as the water dropped, they crawled back in. again, i have them in my runoff but never noticed them coming out of the coco the way they did this morning.


    AliCakes Well-Known Member

    Mtgeezer already gave you the best advise that can be given without GOOD pics of the bugs mentioned.

    Not trying to be mean, but the biodiversity of insects and smaller creatures is crazy and nobody can really give you a plan of attack without more info. Sorry.

    jondamon Well-Known Member


    Something I want you to do!!!!

    Next time you water, watch the surface and flood it until it nearly spills over your pot sides.

    Watch for any bugs that surface. Check to see if they kind of jump around a little.

    If they're what I think they then they should jump as its a protection mechanism.


    They're detrivorous so they feed on decaying roots and love moist conditions.

    I get them from time to time.

    In great numbers they can cause you some problems.

    Anything with SPINOSAD knocks them down for a little while.

    I wasn't using an enzyme product for breaking down dead root matter. Now that I am again they haven't been back.


    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    i have heard springtails are one of the more benificial insects.....

    i do agree with Mtgeezer, go ahead and collect a few and either get some good macro shots or head over to a nursery. just make sure if you bring them to a nursery they are in a good tight container......nothing more dickheadish than spreading unwanted pests to a place your going to for help. chances are they arent that harmfull especially if the plants are 2 weeks into flower. would take lots of root eating bugs to take down a root mass of a 6+ week old plant.

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    Agree completely.

    My grows never suffered with them.

    I just get creeped out by them lol.


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