First time grower, toxicity or deficiency?

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    Thank you all for clicking and possibly helping me to identify my current issues. I'm currently growing two LA Confidential from seed from ILGM.

    • Plants just hit 1 month from breaking ground today
    • Using the full Canna line including rhizo and cannazyme, DTW, in canna coco with about 30% vigoro perlite and about an inch of lava stone at the bottom for drainage - pot holes are too freaking big and would make a whoreish mess when i watered lol.
    • in a 3x3 tent with a QB 135 at 75% and a 200w citizen cob from timber at less than 50%
    • warm mist vaporizer and ink bird to maintain 50-55%rh
    • Cloudline exhaust fan keeping it 73-76F in the tent
    • currently running 24/0
    • I had been watering twice per day because my growth appeared stunted and plants were wilting, but after one girl showed N-tox after 3 days of this with dark green and clawed new growth I immediately flushed both with 1/2 nutes and properly ph'd water. After 3 days I am watering once per day with a light feeding of canna.
    • I recently cut out added calmag. My local water has 20.8ppm calcium and 4.36ppm magnesium. according to the 2017 report.
    • ppm's of local water is about 180, i'm currently feeding 400ppm of food bringing the total to 582 in my curent mix. PH'd to 5.8
    • Runoff ppm's are about 20ppm higher than total going in and ph is 6.2
    I've noticed a few burnt tips and some light green coloring towards the center of the leaves, but my primary concern is the necrosis on the first leafs. I'm obviously posting pictures but you'll notice the progression of the bottom leaf over about an 8hr span and then how it looked this morning at breakfast. I'm just really confused here because it seems like a deficiency, but looking at jorge's diagram or any other deficiency charts I've seen it's tough to put my finger on the issue.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, any further info please feel free to ask.

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    PurelyConfidential New Member

    these are all of the same plant. The other one rebounded fine after a flush. That one had been giving me screwy ppm's in the runoff but has since straightened out and recouping fine. This poor girl however has only gotten worse.
    john wishmyer

    john wishmyer Well-Known Member

    im assuming youre overwatering god knows why on earth you assumed drowing your plant would make it better. just off that im assuming something with the roots and overwatering. just leave it alone for a week until the pots dry or extremely light. if nothing changes maybe someone else will add some insight
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    PurelyConfidential New Member

    Overwatering in Coco? I weigh my plants with a scale or do a lift check to see if they need water. Roots i can see look bright white and beautiful. Letting the Coco dry out completely would cause lock ups wouldn't it? It's a medium to be treated like hydro. When I water the top looks flaky and about an inch down with a finger it feels like there is moisture but not damp or water logged.

    HarryCooter Well-Known Member

    Looks like magnesium deficiency. Anytime I see any kind of micro deficiencies my first response is to foliar feed earth juice microblast and calmag. It stops any further damage immediately and the plant will resumd normal growth within hours

    PurelyConfidential New Member

    Thank you very much! I'll try a foliar tonight and give them their first rest since they popped.
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    it's soil-less media...not hydroponic. you don't want to let it get dry like soil, but you don't need to waterlog it, either. if you're feeding with every watering, you have to get a little run off, to prevent salt build up. i would wait till the top two inches of coco were pretty dry if that's what you're doing.
    and 5.8 is way low for coco, try raising it to 6.1 and see if it doesn't make immediate improvements
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