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First Time Grow Sour Diesel Haze, 60DayLemon, Bubblicious, Pineapple Punch & BerryRyd

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by jazdeep, Jan 6, 2013.


    jazdeep Member

    I'm new to this and have potted 5 different strains all autoflowers I started off with a 250 cfl then moved to a 600 mh which I will switch to a 600hps... I am using house garden products and also bio bizz fish mix... They are looking ok I think but I noticed a slight yellowing at the end tips on some of the leaves I done a lil research and came to the conclusion of calcium deficiency... Could someone please confirm this for me? Would appreciate the help

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    Warriorbuds Active Member

    Confirmed....treat with Cal\mag preferably General Organics Cal Mag....:) Also...if Cal\Mag is not in your regular feeding schedule, add it!

    I use rainwater only....have to have it!!
    Guys that grow in coco.....have to have it!

    Agito Well-Known Member

    I wrote a guide on fish mix
    biobizz is renowned for mag deficient in the first week of flower dose with epson salts 1 tbs per gallon once should do it until harvest

    jazdeep Member

    Thanks guys... I've given them some nutes.. Ill upload more pics as the weeks go by!

    redbud12 Active Member

    Looking good man! Count me subbed!:bigjoint:

    jazdeep Member

    About 5 weeks in from germination..

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