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First time Bubbleponics flower with pictures

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by tippydog, Apr 7, 2013.


    tippydog Member

    First off - thank you to everyone for their help. The amount of support has been awesome.

    Next step in the process - when I switched to flower most of the lower part of the plant died. I am using a 8x85W CFL's (half 6500K half 2700K) for 4 plants in a 4x8" area - but still not sure that is enough. Or maybe too much? Or maybe a 3 week veg made them too bushy?

    One of the plants is a Wonder Woman which is taller than the AK-48 pictured creating some shadows. Maybe that is also an issue...


    But the upper part of the plant is flowering and seems ok (if it isn't please tell me). What could I have done better to save more of the plant and increased the yield? Is it bad the leaves around the bud are drooping?


    As always your help is appreciated!

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