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first real attempt

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by reefacheefa, Apr 23, 2010.


    reefacheefa Active Member

    got three pretty little girls goin, or i hope theyre girls anyways. have one 24 inch 75W lights of america flouro grow light with a makeshift cardboard n foil reflector, plan on getn at least one more of them next weekend until i get enough extra for the 400w mh and hps kits. theyve been doin beautifully up until about 4 days ago. they are 1 month old btw. for some reason i bought mg potting mix and mg liquid all purpose plant food. so a couple of days ago, i noticed the two bottom spear shaped leaves were drooping down pretty low on the smaller two. they then proceeded to turn yellow and on one completely folded over at the stem. so i cut them off. now two of the top leaves on the big one is starting to turn yellow, starting at the tip on one n the side on the other. looks and feels like its been burnt. n the smaller two have spots n some yellowing. it stays between 68 n 75 in my house. got them in my bedroom, which brings me to ask if cigarette smoke will kill them? i changed out the soil in case i over fertd n got some 3% peroxide and mixed about 1/2 cup in a 2 liter with 6.8 PH water. recently put a fan on them. have been keeping on a 10 hour photoperiod. im sorry this is so long but ive been doin alot of searchn n researchn n got all kinda scatterd info. any thoughts on the situation of my babies would be so greatly appreciated. also, should i get two more lights rather than just one more until around the middle of next month when i get better bulbs??

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    Carolina Green Bud

    Carolina Green Bud Active Member

    I'm a newbie also, but I can tell you a couple of things for sure.

    I have some plants that are two weeks old and are probably 3 times bigger than yours. Mine are in miracle grow soil also.

    Most miracle grow soils already have some fertilizer in it, the bag will say "feeds plants for 3 months" or something like that. I have not given mine any additional nutrients yet.

    Also, 10 hours of light is not enough. I have moved mine outside, but I started under lights on a 19/5 cycle.

    TrynaGroSumShyt Well-Known Member

    u got burnt up by mg fert/soil.. its a lil too hot for some seedings.. youll be fine just water as normal without nutes, and u need to be on 18/6 or 24/0 for veg and 12/12 for flower

    reefacheefa Active Member

    i thought bout keepn under constant light from now on. did you keep the light this close? bout 2 inches

    chittychitty Active Member

    yeah, i have some that are 2 weeks old with at least three times as much growth than those... :-|10 hours isn't even enough for flowering plants. like others said change your light cycle so it's at least 16 hours of light a day.

    On the cig smokin', From what i've read, the nicotine in cigarette smoke is like a poison to MJ plants.:shock: that probably contributed somewhat to stunted growth.

    hopefully they pull through! if not, you know next time will be better.:weed:

    -- our fine four fendered friend

    Antigen Well-Known Member

    Yes that's a good distance to keep a fluorescent light, you just need to keep it on longer! I don't like MG soils personally but some people have no problems with them. I think 2 75w flourescent bulbs would be fine for those 3 plants until you get better lights, so you probably only need one more.

    You can keep the lights on 24 hours a day or you can have 18 hours on/6 hours off. I've heard many arguments for and against both ways, so I'll leave it up to you to research it yourself if you want. Just make sure you do at least 18 hours on.

    reefacheefa Active Member

    sweet. thx everybody for the info. will leave on a 24 hour cycle at least until they pick back up. when would be a good time to start adding the fert tho? sure tat miracle crap dont really last 6 months...???

    Antigen Well-Known Member

    It's hard to say with the fertilizer . . . is that MG soil the kind with the time-release fertilizers in it? If so that is bad, because you don't know when or how much those things are going to release into your soil. If your soil has these time-release things, I would seriously consider transplanting those into a potting soil that doesn't have any time-release.

    The plant looks pretty dark green, which would indicate it is getting enough fertilizer, perhaps even too much.

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