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First outdoor Autoflower Grow UK

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lloyddavies, Jul 29, 2012.


    lloyddavies Member


    This is my first autoflower grow i'am growing fem speed devil outdoors in the uk. I have read that most autoflower strains are finished in 60 days, my plant is now 56 days old and i know its not ready for harvest.
    Can anyone tell me how much longer it should be before its ready, Here's a few pictures any advice would be much appreciated cheers

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    Mizzle024 Member

    Maybe few weeks ...your foliage is still nice n green meaning she still growing strong. 60 days is just a rough estimate hairs are still white but turning orange usually when there 80% orange n your foliage starts to turn yellow getting close to harvest

    L33tGanjaMan Well-Known Member

    LOL.. wow dood, that little Lady looks no where near rdy for 56 days she looks nice and healthy but no where near maturity, the next couple of weeks you should get some more bud growth on her and she should fatten out.. as Mizzle already said the 60 days they say these Auto strains are finished in is only approx and i actually never had one done within 60 days nor have i ever heard of anyone finishing sooner.. heh.. last autos i done was Blue Streak and Lowryder 2 and they took 78 and 82 days..

    Happy Growing, keep us updated with progress and pics dood.. :leaf:
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    let her grow and fill out. the buds will get much larger if you wait until she's ripe. GL

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