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    Alright so, all the things I've learned from my first grow (finished in like 3 weeks hopefully) I just started my 2nd. I know I failed the start, but it seems it'll turn out fine after all. These plants sure can take a beating.

    What I'm using:
    -4 white 18 Litre pots
    -60x60x200cm closed white cabinet
    -30W heatmat when/if needed for those cold winterdays
    -250W HQI lamp for veg, 250W Son-T for flowering (with adjustable height reflector currently 1m above the new clones). Ballast placed outside closet for cooling purposes.
    -Soil recommended for tomato plants mixed with about 30% Leca balls
    -Bone and bloodmeal (honestly no idea how to use this, or if I should at all)
    -Green House Powder Nutes (seedlings and mostly indica) planning 1/4 teaspoon for 5 litres (pack says 10g per 10 litres) of PHed water once a week for 3 weeks, then 1/2 teaspoon until flowering
    -BioBizz Starter Kit (just ordered and will be trying this one out I think)
    -Carbon Filter 160m3
    -80mm PC fans, one for intake, one for exhaust, both running at 9,5V (in my first grow the fans make the plants move just a little bit)
    -NEW! Bought minifans for 12V to place inside cab. This should be good to make the plants move a little bit right? Or is the PC fans enough?
    -Timer for lights

    Other stuff available for help:
    -PH kit for water (don't have for soil)
    -PH down and 6,5 PH powder
    -Mini microscope
    -cutters, scissors and other mini gardening tools

    December 23rd - Took 6 clones from a flowering WW mother (put in flowering Dec 2nd). Put into small pots with clonex, lid on and kept moist in lid with heatmat under for 3 weeks ish.

    January 12th - Put clones into pots. Three clones looks healthy and has roots, one clone looks almost dead but has rooted well and stem is still green at the bottom (maybe I can save this?) and two dead clones. Hoping that I'll have 4 healthy plants in a week or two. If not, I'm cloning the most healthy one since I am aiming for 4 plants. They are now under 250W HQI and light cycle 20/4. I started watering with just PHed water from tap.

    January 16th - The 3 healthy clones started to grow a little. I assume these are in good health. The two dead clones are gone, and the one that rooted looks much the same, but the stem is stiff and if i bend it carefully it pops back up into vertical stand. I am optimistic about this since 4 days ago it was limp and looked almost dead. Added about 1/5th ts to 5 litres of water and watered about 0,2L per pot. I am afraid to soak it until i know the plants grow well.

    So yeah, this is my beginning. Hopefully it'll turn out better than my first grow (which is actually looking quite alright). Any adjustments or tips are appreciated. Obviously I'm new to everything that has to do with gardening so no tip is stupid/too newbish here :)

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    January 17:

    Quick update.

    The three clones that were healthy are now growing for real. The fact that I took them during week 2 of flowering seems to be enhancing the branching, cause the healthiest one is really bushy for a little clone that was "soiled" just 36 hours ago. Sadly the two that looked dead that I was hoping would make it are just dead. Uploading pics some time this weekend.

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    Quick note for next grow; perlite, vaclite, high quality soil and coco ready for mix.

    Im thinking 1 part vac, 1 part perlite, 1 part coco and 3 parts soil. Sound good?

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    So, a quick update. Things are going fine and I'm using BioBizz starter kit with instructions only. So far it looks great, so I took 12 clones from the three ladies and decided I'm gonna keep this string alive for as long as possible. For those of you who remember, I had 4 ladies who had a hard struggle through the last 4 weeks of flowering. These were harvested yesterday and actually looks great.

    Like some stated, the branching is weird, and two of them have 2 dominant stems (like they were topped), while the third only has one (probably just top this so that it will match the other two in height since its taller now.

    Clones from the ones above (any ideas what I might get from these? Will they grow like the mothers or is that ONLY when clones are taken during flowering?)
    DSC_0035.jpg DSC_0036.jpg

    Anyways, all is well and I think I'm starting to learn the basics on how to grow this beautiful weed into what it's meant to me ;)

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