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First Hempy Grow in Canna coco with Canna nuts

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Dannyb131, Dec 30, 2012.


    Dannyb131 Member

    Hello, Doing my first grow of 3 autos in a hempy grow using coco and canna nuts. So I'm looking for some help with nuts per gallon or liter. So I'm about 4 days into growing in a small cup to get the plants going and I'm getting set up for a transfer soon. I have Rhizotonic, Coco A + B & Pk 13/14. I have read a couple threads and am looking for clarity and help. Can I use the same 1 gallon at a time and add all the different nuts in the same gallon ? What is the amount per gallon or litre for each one ? Am I right to be looking for about 10 % run off when watering? Does Ph really matter, I have read yes and no when doing a hempy grow ?

    Any info would help

    Thanks !

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    Coco is hydroponics pretty much so your ph does matter. If you have a high or low soil ph and have no idea what it is or how to change it how do you expect to right a problem ? I usually just ph my water to somewhere around 5.5-6. So this way if its high it will bring it down and if its low it will bring it back up. Works good for me anyway.

    Always mix nutes in seperate containers then add to your res to desired ppm level. For example I grow three mom's in coco. So I get 5gals of RO water ready leaving about a gallon out so there's room for the nute mixture.

    From there you mix your nutes to a one gal container separately and the ppm will be high because your mixing for 5 gals. Then your pour the nute mix into the 5 gal until you get your desired ppm level for each nute. If you mix all at once in same container you have no idea how many ppm your adding for each one.

    As for watering and run off I water them until the catch container is full. Because over the course of the light period that water will disappear and fast. Coco need's a lot of watering so pay attention.

    Let me know what you end up using for amounts with the Canna. I'm curious. I mix 10tsp to 1 gal to bring 5 gals up to about 350ppms with Dyna-grow. With AN it was a whole lot more.

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    ive heard great things about canna good luck bro. usually ph from tap is approx 6.8-7 and if you add the reccomended doses it should bring your ph down good. If i were you id get a PH kit which comes with the drops so you can test your waters PH. you do this after mixing and then add ph up/down to get desired water pH. also its good to take a medium like your using and soak it in a ph balanced solution. test the ph of the water after it sits in the medium for a while and see if the medium changes your waters pH. if it does take the runoff pH and use that to figure out what water youll be feeding to correct the pH. if its say 5.0 you'd feed it 6.5 or so to bring it up to 5.8. every watering or so keep checking the runoff to see if you "buffered" the medium to the correct ph. :D and yes. PH is quite important

    Moebius Well-Known Member

    Not much more for me to add, except, you're not planning to use the pk13/14 until you see some bud, I hope.

    A few guys on the W.O.H thread do COCO Hempy, if you get stuck you should post a question there. Theyre a helpful and friendly bunch.


    pH does matter but it may not be necessary to change your pH, I use tap water and I'm having better results without the use of pH down. I don't do COCO but 'Mapito'.

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    Yah I guess that's good to add as well that hempy is vermiculite and perlite mix. Coco is coco. You can do a coco mix like moebius said. Botanicare actually sells two different coco mixes as well. Straight coco coir and the a coco and perlite mix.

    jela10 Well-Known Member

    Danny, I have done 6 to 7 really successful grows in hempy buckets with perlite in the bottom 2" of the bucket and Canna coco straight from the bag up to the top. Canna Coco A&B are awesome....just follow the grow charts on their site by selecting the product and the hardness of your water. You can even enter the size of your water container and the calculator will adjust the dosage automatically. If you use R/O water you may get lucky like myself and not have to adjust pH.Canna does suggest a small sit time after mixing as it appears to buffer the mixture somewhat. Also, supplement the A&B with a normal dose of Cal/mag...coco tends to rob it from the base nutes.I have close friends running regular planter pots of coco using the same Canna nutes and they are very successful...They are now hooked on the pair. Hey you made a good choice. Look for the "Canna Coco and Nutrients thread" here on RIU. AZcannaman is an awesome info source and has helped me with the pk13/14 timing...you'll see where I asked and now I'm producing top notch buds. Good luck...enjoy the coco ride. It's an easy medium to get to know.

    jela10 Well-Known Member

    Danny, curious to see how you are doing on your first hempy grow. Any new questions? I'm glad to help you if you need it.

    Dannyb131 Member

    Its going pretty well, I am impressed so far as the hempy plants are slightly growing faster then the soil. Still getting nutrient ratios's down and had a slight overwatering problem but so far so good ! Still trying to figure out why my hempy plants are a very light green, but as moebius pointed out I think i just need to add more nutes.



    snailwagon Active Member

    While Canna is relatively weak, it does burn babies easily. For most veg, you can rock 8ml A and 8ml B, with 12-15ml Rhizotonic. Use the Cannazym if you have it, your roots will like it and you'll eliminate the food supply for fungus gnats. A lot of Canna users require Cal-mag into flower, look for one without Iron. Have you ever heard of an herb plant on commercial nutrients with an Iron deficiency? No. Most Cal-mags can be used at 2.5ml/ gallon with success, depending on your starting water. Keep your pH 5.8-6.2, different varieties have different preferences. For the PK, the rule of thumb is to use it once you have a pinky sized flower, use it for 7 days for an 8week strain, 10 days for a 10 week strain. Don't use Cal-mag while you use PK.

    Dannyb131 Member

    Thanks for the Advice, Do you have any suggestions for cal-mag ?

    jela10 Well-Known Member

    CALiMAGic from GH works well with Canna Coco A&B at 5ml/g.

    Dannyb131 Member

    Awesome ! its on order ! thanks for the suggestion ! So do you start using it when flowers begin developing ?

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