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    Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 8.10.43 p.m..png DSC00693.jpg
    So I got tired of paying and risking myself for pot that I decided to grow mine :)

    Seeds: I chose seeds from the buds I buy so I didn't know which strain I was growing.
    Soil: for the soil I used a mixture of dirt from a river and dirt from deep in the forest and also I mix with 10% of worm humus to give it a kick.
    Light: I used 2 23W CFL bulbs blue spectrum for the seed, germination and vegetative stage, latter on in the flowering stage I used 4 42W CFL red spectrum.
    Equipment: I used my closet for the grow, I put foil paper on the walls and some cardboard home made hoods for the lighting xD and black plastic pots. I spend like 150 dollars in the whole grow operation :P

    DSC00580.jpg DSC00590.jpg

    August 11 : I planted 20 seeds in red plastic cups
    August 17th (day1): The seeds germinated
    September 17th ( day30): I changed them into a 2 or 3 gallon black bags because they are cheaper than regular pots. I used the pinching technique twice on each plant to make 4 main colas instead of just 1 big cola.
    October 1 : my electricity bill came out of 500 dollars because my neighbor was stealing light from me and i didn't have electricity for almost 2 weeks and half of my plant got in a really bad shape so I just kept the strong ones, now I was growing just 10.
    October 15-30 (day57): all the plants showed sex. 6 females and 4 males, but also accidentally my GF turn the light on and the plants went into re-veg but 2 weeks after the incident they came back into flowering
    November 11th (day 85) I harvest 2 of them because i could not wait more xD I regret that decision but well, noob mistake
    December 15th (day 120) I harvest the remaining 4 plants

    Prudence: First one to harvest had a lime or citric taste and you felt the high in your cheeks it was really weird
    3W 4D (A).jpg 3W 4D.jpg 3W 4D (2).jpg

    Lucy : L 6W 2D.jpg 7W 1D.jpg DSC00790.jpg

    Mss Kite : K5W.jpg 5W 6D.jpg DSC00685.jpg

    Sexy Sadie : S5W 5D.jpg 6W 4D.jpg DSC00663.jpg

    Michelle : the pic was taken at 2Weeks from flowering 2W 2D.jpg

    Rita: 1W into flowering 1W 3D .jpg and the bud is 6 weeks into flowering 6W 0D.jpg

    Orlandocb Active Member

    Moar light

    Lordgenin Member

    Ya More light
    And I wouldn't have paid that 500 personally. I would have beat the shit out my neighbor (or get a friend to do it for me)then call the cops on him. Fuck the plants plant grow all year and it does suck to say, i dont know if your legal or illegal but would have trashed them just to have to cops come to lock neighbor ass up.
    I grow pot Illegal but shit I'm not a thief that my friend is just a different level i do not condone.
    If your going to stay with low watt go T5 it is better then cfl do to u have have two side by side and have a more even light distribution.
    but other then that good grow.
    El Conejo

    El Conejo New Member

    jajaja I found out like 1 month after the bill -_- but I live in mexico and its kind of difficult and yea I am growing illegal xD

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    Que onda guey!
    look into LEDs, a little more expensive then t5 or cfls but work good (depending on which LED, check LED section for more info)
    i would avoid using hps due to mexico government being really strict about growing indoors.
    if your bill keeps coming out that high the electricty company will put you on a watch list and alert authorities. Not trying to scare you (no one should be scared of their governments) but i do know a couple compas growing in tijuana and they take every precaution seriously.
    recycle your soil!!
    worm compost!
    viva la revolucion!!!
    viva mexico!!!
    El Conejo

    El Conejo New Member

    no we la luz me la estaba robando el vecino no tiene nada que ver con las plantas y las luces. Elegi los focos fluorecentes por que no gastan much luz y con lo que me salio de mary se me ase suficiente :) aparte que es mas facil controlar la temperatura por que los LED creo eh leido consumen mucha energía y por no ser eficientes emiten mucho calor

    apoco en mexico tambien checan eso de si sale alta la luz y la madre pense que solo en USA.

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    Reguardless if your neighbor was stealing electricty, its still causing attention, 500 US dollars is alot for mexico energy bill, even tho its not directly connected to your grow, it still can potentially raise unwanted attention. Just be cautious is my point.

    but you are right cfl are much cheaper and easier to control tempature etc etc

    i only mention led because your quality and yield will raise dramaticlly compared to cfls, and in terms of energy use and leds, its reallly not that big of a diffrence in price. The quality and yield would make up for the small extra cost.

    look in the led section and look into DIY led. You can build a led setup for less then 50 US$ and it will easly out match your current cfl set up :)

    Over here in the states although we as citizens are fucked, we still have sum rights, and those rights would include privacy that our energy companies most follow.

    mexico is different, they will go after anyone using excessive amounts of energy, unless you live in a more higher class area where energy use is higher then normal.

    not trying to scare you, but taking precautions with your neighbors/friends is key for successfull grow op.
    minimize your grow foot print by recycling, making sure you dont throw away shit you dont want your neighbors or government finding in your trash. Carbon filter for smell etc etc

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    Btw your plants look good even tho they went thru some trouble.

    For the sake of organics, can you let us kno what forest/river or region you got your soil from? Maybe even a picture?
    This is very intersting because your utilizing native soil which a lot of us dont have acess too.
    Keep building that soil with worm castings and compost.

    i suggest you read his thread
    If you follow this thread, i guarentee you will be growing the dankest herb in mexico!!!
    El Conejo

    El Conejo New Member

    maybe Ill try the led for the next grow :) I understand the pros and cons

    and yea I live in a high medium class so its not that big of a deal plus we when to the electrical company and complain. But I already harvest all and there is no evidence now x) And yea I don't tell anybody that I have plants just my gf because I live with her.

    ohh btw I dont tink its a good idea to tell you or anyone were I live or were I get the dirt. But my grandfather has a ranch I got the idea of the soil from my grandmother she used to collect dirt from my ranch and I did the same :P

    and I know what your are talking about I am also a US citizen I just live in mexico for the moment. i am studying veterinarian.

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member


    im curious because i know mexico is rich of beautiful forest. Arbol del tule for example in oaxaca is one of the largest trees in the world. Anyways adding soil from a rich forest is a great idea, especially when gathering it up in strategic places (look here for examples)
    the humus and fungi from your soil should be rich and abundant. One way of knowing is by the silk texture of the soil, plus the dark black humus and of course earthy smell. Lets not forget the aged composted leaf litter! Mix that with worm casting and other essentials.

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