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First grow, worried newbie in need of Assistance on seedling prease

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by sinfulwhimsical, Jul 4, 2013.


    sinfulwhimsical New Member

    Hey everyone, I am really worried about this seedling. Its first true leaves are acting strange. It is a 7 day old bag seed that I suspect is lemon skunk. I germinated it, planted in a solo cup in general miracle gro soil. It was originally under 2 13w cfl bulbs at around 1600 lumens at a 24/0 schedule. The left leaf started to twist and both leaves got darker green and started to dropp/claw as well as super slow growth. So at 5 days I transplanted into a gallon pot, added a third 13w cfl bulb, got a slightly bigger fan and moved the lights to 1-2 in above it. After an hour the leaves straightened out, color looked way healthier and it seemed to be doing great. 4 hours later, it's back to its old tricks. I water it sparingly and notice any discomfort in her almost immediately, please help me out... I really am trying hard and stressing over her..

    IMG_20130704_032326_243.jpg IMG_20130704_032306_937.jpg

    hexthat Well-Known Member

    i think it should be fine

    kryptoniteglo Well-Known Member

    Ok, first off -- that seedling doesn't look as bad as you're describing. If you have new growth and it's healthy, you're in good shape. But there are a couple of things you might want to watch out for:

    Your soil might be a little hot, meaning it contains nutrients that are too strong for your plant right now. The first two weeks you don't want to give nutrients at all, so if they're in the soil mix, then that could be a problem. I don't know that soil mix per se, so you should look at the label and see what's in there. If the general mg soil doesn't have any added nutrients, then you will be fine on that front.

    Second, slow growth at that age could have to do with the lighting situation. At 7 days old, you need some light power! I don't do CFL -- I use a 400W MH for vegging. If there's a conversion formula to compare CFLs to HID, then use it and shoot for the equivalent of my 400W, which is the basic minimum for decent yield, I'd say.

    Other than being a little on the slow-growing side, it looks pretty good in the pics.

    Oh, and don't stress too much! A grow is a marathon, not a sprint -- just get through each phase successfully and you'll be enjoying the fruits of your labor in about five to six months.

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