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First Grow (Single plant?)

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by oneloveonelife, Dec 30, 2007.


    oneloveonelife Active Member

    Hey I'm looking to do my first grow and I have a few questions. First off should I start with 1 plant? And secondly should I just use a bag seed to see if I can get it going?

    Also if anyone has any links to a guide for a starter growing kit/tools/accessories that would be great.
    Thanks for any help.

    nsfw Active Member

    Well I'm not very experienced at growing. But I'd start with bag seed because you dont really want to end up wasting your money if your first grow ends up a complete failure. And I'd grow more than just one incase it turns out male.

    robbie82 Well-Known Member

    Your gonna wanna grow more than one plant, I suggest four, your chance of getting a male is 50/50. So if the one your grow turns make your assed out on a whole lot of work, and dedication for nothing.

    fonzirelli Well-Known Member

    start out in a egg carton. pick out the best ones, however many, and transplant in a slightly bigger pot. put it farther down in the soil, the more it has to work to grow, the stronger it will be. then transplant it every two weeks or so in a bigger pot, read up on cropping and trimming if u want to keep it small. and you should be pretty much good until its time to flower. and i would suggest clones they are so much easier in my opinion.

    Nike617 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys im new to this site very new and going to ask a bit of an annoying question but going to be very specific ok I just spent about 150 on some Feminized Bluberry seeds and went out and bought some organic soil with a ph content of 7.0 and im using flurecent bulbs that are about 100 watts per bulb 2 plants and everything in the grow room is reflective and im doing 8 hours of light a day how much of a yield can I expect since I am using feminized seeds and really good soil thanks guys!

    x420xTeXaN Well-Known Member

    your gonna wanna give it more light i believe, i suggest 18/6.

    Nike617 Well-Known Member

    how much should I get then a plant if I do that 18/6 since I have really good feminized seeds and 7.0 ph organic soil

    fellowes New Member

    I have a ? regarding this too. I have a 2x2x2 cab with 3 26 watt lights under 1 plant with dollar general soil. Which is made up of composted and fresh pine fines, compost and sand. When i was starting it i had it in vermeculite,pearlite,and peat moss. I then transplanted once the fan leaves were on it in to a 2 liter pot with the DG soil and it is getting bushier but not any taller. It is probably 2 1/2 " after 3 weeks and has a 24 hr light cycle with ph of 6.8 watered when needed usually every 4-5 days. What is wrong with it? Thanks

    P.S. IDK how to start a thread sorry.

    Nike617 Well-Known Member

    yeah same here lol

    thehomegrown Active Member

    For a first grow, it should really be a learning experience. I think that's a great idea. Also, my grow guide might help.

    Nike617 Well-Known Member

    oh ok thanks but how much do you think I would get well im being helped by somone who has grown before but not with these type of feminized seeds

    x420xTeXaN Well-Known Member

    your yield? it could yield from 250-550 grams. maybe less if you stress it out or go into flowering to soon. just be careful

    ThatGuy1985 Well-Known Member

    One plant would be fine i would suggest 2 if both turn out to be fem and you only want one just kill the smaller of the two.

    My first grow started out with 3, 2 male one fem. I ended up with a 5 ft tall monster that brought me a little under 3 ounces in 2 harvests.

    x420xTeXaN Well-Known Member

    like i said you just never know how much you can take home with ya. good luck bro

    fonzirelli Well-Known Member

    an hps bulb is a good idea the more wattage and the more light you have(without frying your plant) the better it will grow. plus it will make your buds more dense when u flower. and a sidenote, basically any blueberry strain is very fragile, a lot harder to maintain, and more sensitive to overfeeding, and high ph levels. and the longer you veg for, the more you will harvest. some people can only get a few oz, and some people spend a good 6 months on one plant and end up with over a pound.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    The question is do you just want to experiment and learn or do you hope to end up with something to actually smoke at the end of your first attempt at growing?

    If you only grow one plant unless you use a feminized bean you have a very good chance of growing a male plant and while it would be some experience it would not gain you any experience in the flowering stages of growth.

    If you used a feminized bean you will get a female, or if things go South on you maybe a hermi, but if it is female you end up with buds and if it is hermi you can still grow it out and end up with seeded buds but either way you will get experience in the entire growing process from germing a bean to curing your harvest.

    My suggestion would be to find a reputable seedbank that sells individual beans and purchase one or two feminized beans and maybe even some fairly inexpensive ones, though not the cheapest because like with anything you get what you pay for and you may end up with beans that will not even pop. But pick one or two feminized beans and that way you will be sure of having the chance of experiencing every step of growing from germing to curing.

    As for bagseed pot that has seeds is normally not grown to make viable beans so often times they are not mature and will not pop when you attempt to germ them or they may spilt but then do nothing more and never grow a taproot and the problem with that is you think, hey I had seeds, I thought I followed the instructions of how to pop them but they did not pop so I must have done something wrong, I wonder what it was? Well the problem would most likely have been due to beans that were not viable because popping beans is so simple my cat could likely do it.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    If you are asking what sort of yield you should expect it is impossible to guess based on what little information you have given and your lack of experience. You could get lucky and get a heavy yield and you could easily screw up and get a small yield and anything in between could also happen.

    There are just so many things that factor into a yield and you just cannot say this is my strain, this is my soil, this is my pH, this is my light so tell me what to expect.

    You may kill all your seedlings within a week of them breaking the soil and you may grow monster plants or anything in between so there is no way to predict with any certainty.

    Kriegs Well-Known Member

    Hey, bro... welcome. The courtesy on RIU is to start your own thread. It's easy -- the tab right on top of the Forum section you're in.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    A HPS bulb would be great for flowering and it can be used to veg but the light spectrum one puts off is not the optimal spectrum for vegging and will cause some stretching. The plants will grow faster in a vertical way than in lower thicker bushier plants like they would using a metal halide (MH) bulb for vegging. Depending on ones budget if they can either afford both a MH and a HPS or a light system that allows the use of a conversion bulb where you can use a MH bulb with an HPS ballast for vegging and them later when it is time to flower switching to a HPS bulb they will be much better off.

    Kriegs Well-Known Member

    First, go to the FAQ's -- there's a huge amount of info there. The growing guide on Nirvana-Shop is good, too, and repeated all over the net.

    One plant: no -- go at least 4. Assuming they all make it, which isn't that crazy, you should get at least one female. And bag seed? Not necessarily.. only if the bagseed was something you really enjoyed. And depends where your bag came from.. could be a strain that won't be happy indoors. I had bagseed and Bubblelicious going -- the Bub's were easier and hardier and I wish I would've planted more of them.

    You don't need any overpriced "kits" or guides. I started my seeds directly in $2 2-gallon pots that they're still in at 48" tall today. Don't need no high-dollar fancy ass "nutes" that claim to have the hand of God inside of them, either.

    You sure as hell need a good light though. What do you have in mind for that?

    You'll also need a way to measure pH, room temp, and meters for TDS, indoor humidity are nice to have.

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