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    Africaan New Member

    Okay so this is my first grow ever! I will be doing this inside of an old PC case I had laying around. The case is relatively small compared to others but it should work just fine with some nice LST. My PC box is not finished right now, but should be done within the week. Once it is finished I will post pics of it. In the meantime I have already started my grow.

    As I said this is my first grow and I will need LOTS of help on this. I will be using this as a learning experience, and hopefully I will get some nice medicine from it. If you guys have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! I will be updating this as often as I can.

    - For my seed i'm using a bag seed
    - Soil is from my vegetable garden outside ( nothing special, but works great for vegetables )
    - Germinated the seed in glass of water and paper towel all that stuff
    - I will be going straight 12/12 from seed

    Ok so enough of that boring stuff. Here comes some pictures to bring you guys up to date! These are the first 7 days enjoy. :mrgreen:

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg

    dlftmyers Well-Known Member

    Nice When you transplant make sure you add something like perlite for drainage [​IMG]

    kami89 New Member

    Looking good man. I've also began my PC grow this week, waiting to plant them into soil tomorrow.

    Good luck man.

    RatPriest Member

    Very cool. But when you transplant you're going to want to get better soil. It'll grow fine for now, but after many waterings it will begin to struggle in that dirt.

    Africaan New Member

    Yea that was the plan! This current soil isn't absorbing the water nicely at all.

    notballin Member

    Looks good so far, bro! What type of lights do you plan on running?

    Africaan New Member

    Right now I just have a 4 2700k CFL's I found lying around the house, that will be going into my box. But until my box is finished its just sitting under my desk lamp which is a 15W 2700k.

    Africaan New Member

    DAY 5

    Nothing to crazy happened today, it seems to be reaching towards the light which why its bending so im going to start putting it closer to the light hoping it doesn't get to hot and burn her and that it will straighten it out.

    Also quick question: When should I start to LST? Is there no such thing as to early? Or should I give it some time to get bigger, or wait till its in its permanent home? Thanks.

    ajcdaboss New Member

    When are you fertilizing? I am planning to do this in a week or so and am wondering when to start fertilizing and how often. This will be my first grow and I will be doing 12/12 light cycles from seed to save the space and time.thanks

    chibzilla Member

    Can I see a picture of your PC case please?

    I've said it in the past, I'm a sucker for setups ;)

    Looking like a good start though. Don't worry about LST yet, It's way too young.

    chibzilla Member

    Usually people hold off ferts until 3 weeks(ish) of veg.

    Africaan New Member

    A little update. and i lost track of the days so whatever. I think I may be seeing some girl parts on this plant really excited about that. Pics of her over the past couple days and my setup which is now almost finished just need to work on light proofing the case. Also new soil is needed but Im not able to get any at the moments so just going to have to hold off.

    View attachment 2807185 View attachment 2807186 View attachment 2807187 View attachment 2807188 View attachment 2807189 View attachment 2807190 View attachment 2807191 View attachment 2807192

    chibzilla Member

    It's fine, Don't sweat it.

    Transplanting too early is likely to cause a stunt in growth.

    Africaan New Member

    Yea, Im going to see how it does in its new home. Ive been checking the temps and their running around 79-82 degrees. Now that its under 3 lights not my desk lamp im hoping it will take off!

    BDOGKush New Member

    Your lady is looking good, what is your ambient room temperature? I'm setting up a grow like this as well and am curious how much heat those CFLs actually produce.

    Africaan New Member

    its around the mid 70's

    emannn2010 Active Member

    hey Africaan, nice setup congrats, get her closer to the lights, 1.5" away, that will help stop the stretching. good luck and happy growing :-)

    Africaan New Member

    2nd day being the box and she is loving it. New set of leaves coming in at the moment, can't wait for her to start branching out.

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    Africaan New Member

    Here are some pictures of what i believe are the pistils. She is also sprouting tons of new leaves. When can I expect to see some branching? or more growth on her lower stem.

    chibzilla Member

    those aren't pistils, you'll see them at 3 weeks if you're lucky.

    Took me round 85 days for my plant to show sex lol...

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