First grow of the "Regilow"

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    LimeRat64 Member

    Had 5 plantn in veg. 1 male abou 2weeks ago and 4 showed female on the 22-25. The girls look good and so did the male, kinda hard to through out such a nice plant. Thought I should have played "Taps". Hit the girls with Fox Farms Big Bloom last night and tonite they look like they liked it. I am really enjoying learning by reading all the other post.
    Looking for the safest place to order up my first Hy-brid.. Any advice on indoor strains purdy easy to grow in small closset would be cool! Prefer sitiva buzz with staying power. Like I said in another post I'm a newbi at growing but bin smokin since the late 70s, so I no what I like just not what to grow. Thnks as always Jim. Oboma  and Willy.jpg

    DeeTee Well-Known Member

    There are lots of good places to buy seeds, attitude for one, also single seed, bare in mind that sativas are tall plants and you have a small space, there are lots of strains out there so I can't help you with that, I'm sure someone will chime in and give you some strains, btw welcome to riu.

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