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First Grow - LED White Widow/Gorilla Glue #4

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by iPerculate, Jan 17, 2018.


    iPerculate Member

    Hello all,

    The first one got messed up and ended up changing a lot so i'll start fresh. This is my first grow and I will have lots of questions so feel free to post and help me out here. Starting with clones, i'll be doing 4 plants. 2 White Widow, 2 Gorilla Glue #4.

    4'x4'x80" Using 4" fan and carbon filter.

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest/Perlite -70/30 Mix. 7gal fabric smart pots.

    2 - Viparspectra 450W LED (200W actual each)

    GH Micro/Gro/Bloom series. Supplemented with CalMag. Have some FloraBloom and FloraKleen as well, not sure how much ill use. Would like to go light on the nutes for the first grow. Also used Mykos on the roots. pH to 6.7ish

    I will be topping these plants 1-2 times as well as the SCROG technique. Will most likely use 2 layer of trellis netting.

    I plan on running 6-8 weeks veg 8-10 flower. The WW seems to be a little farther along than the GG4. The root systems looked very healthy during transplant.

    Plants are now halfway through week 3. I topped the plants 4 days ago so they slowed down a bit but are recovering well. I have both lights on "veg" only 30" away from plants for now. Staying around 74-79F and 55-65% humidity for now.

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    iPerculate Member

    Plants are growing like crazy, each of them has 2 strong shoots coming out the top with tons of new growth. I have both veg and bloom switch lights on now at 26 inches or so. The WW still seems pretty far ahead of the GG4, I hope it doesnt become a problem. With lights on full strength i'm now closer to 80-82F during the day 55-60% RH. I think I fed them their first nute too soon after transplanting into the 7 gal pots and a couple of the leaf tips turned yellow. The last 2 feedings I have just given them straight 6.8pH water with 1ml/gal CalMag. The new growth has no issues, I think the next feeding I will try 1/2 strength nutes.

    The 2 pics are the WW in the front, GG4 behind.

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    iPerculate Member

    Was having some slight issues controlling humidity with my current humidifier setup. It's just a regular analog humidifier with a single adjustment. I had it at a good set point where it would achieve 55-65% RH all day, but when the lights went out it would continue to run and hit 75%+ RH. The highest I seen was 82% and realized I had to change my setup as I do not want to deal with large humidity fluctuations during flower.

    Based off another member's advice, I picked up this humidity controller on Amazon for $35. It is basically just a set of contacts that opens/closes at set RH levels. You can use it with humidifier or dehumidifier, took 5 minutes to setup and program. I have it turn on at 60% and run until 65%. I thought I was going to have to buy a new humidifier with more control but this is working great. I think it may work even better than a unit like that because it has a remote sensor for RH so it can be placed far away from the humidifier.

    Can't leave without pics... The white wire dangling from the middle is for temperature, the black one for humidity. I figured it would be best to measure nearest to the plants. I've made a few changes to the tent and think I just about got it down. I might post it in the other thread but I've heard mixed answers on when to put up the trellis net for SCROG and still have not decided when/how high ill put the net. Advice/tips are appreciated...

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    iPerculate Member

    I had the day off today and decided it was a good time to build my scrog frame. I decided to go 12 inches above the soil for the first net. I left corner pieces on the frame to allow a 2nd layer to be added later. 3 of the plants are nearing the 12 inch mark, with the 1 gorilla glue in the front just bushing out. I'm trying to keep the plants short so I will switch to flower when 50-75% of the 1st net is filled, possibly within the next week or 2.

    Used 1/2" PVC and mason line. Total cost was less than $50.

    The one in the middle is a Nirvana AK48 seed. I'll be keeping her in the same tent for awhile before making her a mother in my other tent.

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    Grow Harder

    Grow Harder Member

    Looking good!
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    iPerculate Member

    All 4 of the plants have hit the net. I put up a 3rd 450W Viparspectra LED today. They are all pretty close at 20-22" from the top of the net. Lots of new growth especially from the WW. I have some issues with the GG4 plant in the back left corner. She's been slacking all along and now showing signs of a deficiency/toxicity. I have another thread going about this so I will not post to many details here.

    I am beginning to wonder if these LED lights alone will satisfy my needs so I have a 1000w MH/HPS coming... I have been reading into combination or "hybrid" grows of LED/HPS so I will probably put up the HPS in the middle and 1 LED on each side slightly angled in.

    I have been really anxious to flip these to flower, I think I will be changing to 12/12 in 6-9 days.

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    iPerculate Member

    Last night I gave the plants a full 12 hours dark, and put up the flower lighting. I will consider this day 1 of flower. I was going to put 1 LED on each side of a 1000w HPS but I think it is a little too much and a lot of heat to handle, so I decided instead to just use 1 LED. That makes 1 - 450w and 1 - 1000w HPS (on at 50% power) around 24-25 inches from the top of the net. I will slowly increase the HPS power the next few weeks but don't want to shock them too much.

    Keping temps under 80F now and humidity 50-55%. Will also be dropping humidity the next couple weeks down to around 45 or so.

    I think I had a little wind burn going on so I brought the fan up a little bit more. Leaves on the top are still a little droopy but are looking better. Also the struggling plant is starting to look better, though she wont be able to catch up to the others now.

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    Og grumble

    Og grumble Member

    Looking good
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