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First grow, exciting indoor middies.

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by iamjedi, May 17, 2008.


    iamjedi Active Member

    Hey all!

    This is my first post, as well as first 'real' grow experience. I say 'real' because I've had a couple of "drop and go" outdoor regs plants in the lot next to my parents' house growing up, and before this grow, I ran about 10 experiment plants to get my lighting, irrigation, feeding, and ventilation the way I wanted them.

    O.k., so that said, here's my setup:

    A one quart cup with drain (and soak up) holes around the bottom (I chose one quart for the expected size after flowering; which I want around 1ft - 18in) which is placed in a small cooler lined with foil. I've got a 15 daylight cfl on her and a fan, all under a cloth canopy to help with the light, smell, and 'atmosphere' of my baby. Now my grow methods are aimed at being as simple and organic as possible. Simply some home-made compost soil, a germinated mids seed dropped a 1/2 inch deep, a ton of bat guano (gathered from my personal bat house!), occasional fresh urine water at 35/1, and regular watering. In fact, my watering methods are a little unique I think, which I came across through my earlier experiments. See first of all, the sand content in my local soil is rather high. Sure its good for drainage, but I realized quickly that just top watering them packed the dirt too tight very quickly! I then realized that trying to keep some water in the bottom of the cooler worked o.k., but the plants seemed to soak up all they could, all the way to the point of being over-watered, plus the water seemed to stale and mold. So that said, I now put some guano in the bottom of the cooler, and add only a smidge of water, letting the guano soak into it. I then mist the plant about once or twice a day, letting the water in the bottom (only a tiny tiny bit so as to avoid both over-watering and molding, etc) dry completely, and even letting the soil dry some. It seems that as long as I water slightly from the bottom, and mist occasionally, the baby grows like wildfire!

    So now here I stand less than two weeks after germination of the seed, about 11 days total in the soil. All signs are looking good, and she's already spreading branches and bushing out without growing taller, without any topping at all!

    So anyway, I have pictures, and I will keep this post updated, but I would love any input anyone may have, whether suggestions, burns, or words of encouragement!

    Now without further ado, here's some pics. First is the grow environment... the first 3 attached pics.

    Then a short growth journal - the rest of the pics.

    Thanks for your time, hope you like it, talk to you soon!

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    iamjedi Active Member

    Day 12:

    Just an update, all the pics were from yesterday or older. The girl is now branching, six in all, all at a tight canopy of about four inches tall. Still haven't topped her yet, as all this branching is happening nice and naturally. Also the leafs that have sprouted are starting to grow really quickly. The attached pic shows this as well as the new leafs all in nice detail!

    Hopefully she'll be about 8inches tall in another two weeks or so when I will move to flowering!

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    TLR Well-Known Member

    I'm subscribed :)

    Your plant looks nice and healthy. I'm really interested in how this will turn out considering you're going for quite a small plant (what is your expected yield?) and you've pretty much made everything yourself from the soil to your own bat guano, and your urine watering system.

    Good luck and keep up with the pics!

    When do you plan on topping her?

    iamjedi Active Member

    To be honest, I have no clue the expected yield. From the fact that not many people grow plants under two feet, to the fact I don't know this strain, and it's even my first indoor cfl grow. I estimate maybe an eighth to a quarter, but I'm just as curious as you!

    Also, if she stays bushy and keeps branching, I probably won't top her. I guess at this point its all still pretty experimental. But, if she does grow stem up the center again soon, or around the 8 inch mark, then I'll top her right before flowering I guess.

    My only questions at this point about my method is how big I could expect a plant to get max in a quart cup with a 15 cfl. I'm currently estimating like I said, 12-18 inches. Maybe I'm wrong. Also, although I will be switching to a soft white cfl for flowering, I'm not sure what "home-made" ferts I will use. From what I know, flowering wants something closer to 5-15-5 ballpark, where my current system is mostly nitrogen.

    In fact, if anyone has some pointers for that stage, please throw them my way!

    I'll post more pics through next week, so we'll see how she turns!

    iamjedi Active Member

    Day 15:

    Just after two weeks, and now she's starting to stand really erect, grow fuzzy hairs, multiple new nodes, and even show pre-flowering. :hump: I had slowed the urine water for a while, and since starting it again the last couple of days, she's really stood up and grown more quickly. It looks as though I may be able to begin flowering in about a week, to expect a sweet little girl a little better than a foot tall, maybe 18in.

    As per usual, here's some pics!

    I'll post again maybe this weekend with more info on expected flowering.


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    iamjedi Active Member

    1 month:

    So to update you, about 2 weeks ago I built a grow box for my baby. Watering pan, reflective sides, drop in lighting, mounted a computer fan, and put it all on a timer. This seems to handle watering, air flow, and light control exactly how I need it, allowing me to practically ignore her.

    Today I switched her to 12/12 and soft white. Flowering process begun! Estimated harvest should be the first of August. As she stands now, she is about 6-8 inches tall, bushy, healthy, many nodes, and a good foot of growth available in the box. I still have not topped her, but I may over the next 2 weeks, depending on how she handles the light change. If she stays bushy I may not top at all. It's still hard to say the expected harvest, but my experiment is all still in line and on track, and I would guess maybe an eighth plus could be had.

    As usual, I have provided pictures. And I'll let you be the judge, but my bonsai indoor cfl organic seems to be QUITE successful! :hump: Now I'm anxious for the next month and the beginnings of flowering. Very excited to see what the buds come out like.

    So here's the pictures, enjoy, more soon.

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    jackdrew212 Active Member

    how's the grow going? i am in the same boat as you.... i am about to harvest in few weeks though. good luck... post pics

    shmokalotaherbo Active Member

    that fucking plant is a seedling u cant flower for like 4 more months of vegging wow r u retarded

    shmokalotaherbo Active Member

    well the new pics r better but still no where near ready for flowering

    spun069 Active Member

    Chill mate, none of that.
    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    give the dude a break its a single cfl. good luck jedi

    shmokalotaherbo Active Member

    u chill MATE

    fbody89 Member

    ur right dude that plant has a loooooooong way to go before its anywhere close to flowering. If he forced flowering now (which wouldnt work anyway)...maybe he would get a gram of shitty fucking smoke...agreed hes a retard.
    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    nice first post. ass

    jenchrisad Member

    Hey! I was wondering how long you keep light on your plants.

    szester New Member

    Holy fuck you're a god damn dick dude. Just chill out dude.

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