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first grow ever (prep)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by berjozcity, Feb 10, 2013.


    berjozcity Member

    hay guys,
    i'm planning my stealth grow op (first ever) and I'm finishing a list for shopping (which I will do right after finishing the list). I'll post it here and maybe somebody could add/remove stuff on the list, I would appreciate that! ok here we go:

    Growing Silver Haze Feminized. (1 plant)
    It is a stealth OP and space dimensions are 1m x 1m x 2.5m.

    1) plywood box
    2) light-reflecting material
    3) light system (6 x 23W 2700K, 6x 23W 6400K CFLs) 8 bulbs at the time (combined).
    4) system for lighting (4 splitters, platform etc.)
    5) timer, pH meter, termometer + humidity meter
    6) intake ventilator 12V, 100mm diameter
    7) outtake ventilator (not sure which one I need)
    8) air pipe (flex, 10m long, 100mm diameter)
    9) 3-4 PC ventilators for circular air inside
    10) PVC pipe, 2 metal screens, vent caps, active carbon (plan making my own filter).

    Any advice for a first-timer? :)

    fssalaska Well-Known Member

    ventilation and filtration can not have to much filtration. Filters 159 to 300 bucks , staying out of jail "priceless"
    Also don't show your friends ! only you need to know what your doing.

    a good blower for a small setup http://www.hydrofarm.com/product.php?itemid=8092 < go with the 6" you'll out grow the 4" blowner .
    This here is the filter I use http://www.hydrofarm.com/product.php?itemid=8486 if you order it you need the 6 " flange it works awesome I have two of them and I don't even vent my air outside in the winter can't smell shit !
    this setup will work with, Blue mistic, mazar, crazy miss hyde, northern lights and tons more, I would not try ak47 or white widow without venting outside.
    good luck

    berjozcity Member

    sure I get that.
    thing is I've limited budget, that's why for my first grow I want to make filter myself, then I would see and feel if I need to buy another one.
    I'm not worried about getting busted because I live on the top floor and I don't have any neighbours. stealth kind is just for those who come to my apartment. All my friends know I smoke inside the house so I guess I could explain the smell (if it is obvious) :)

    fssalaska, thx for links, saved them for the future :)


    berjozcity Member

    another question: is it possible to transform outgoing air pipe from 10cm to lets say 3cm in diameter? (need smaller pipe since its gonna pass through unhidden parts of room)
    will there still be propper airflow?

    sorry if this question is stupid, just trying to be decent here :)

    berjozcity Member

    Here's the picture.
    Op is behind the sliding door in the dark. The vent is out in the open.
    No way making any adjustments to structure.
    any suggestions?

    2013-02-10 15.44.03.jpg

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