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First grow, Canna Coco, Granddaddy Purp, 400W MH Veg, when should I flip to 12/12?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by candycolas, Jul 24, 2009.


    candycolas Member

    WHEN SHOULD I SWITCH TO 12/12 BLOOM? I want to do a SOG but I don't know if it's possible with GDP.

    So Here is my setup:

    10'x10' room with a small closet. I built a dividing wall to have a separate veg room. My veg room is approximately 5x6 because it is using part of the closet. Bloom room is about 7.5x10. Currently have 1 400W MH for my veg room and 1 600W HPS for bloom. I will be getting at least 2 more 600's to complete the room.

    I'm using Canna COCO and all Canna products, i.e. Canna A + B, Cannazym, and Rhizotonic. I will be getting PK13/14 and Boost as well once I'm into flowering.

    I'm using 3 gallon pots and hand watering.

    I just need to know when I should swtich these over to bloom???

    These GDP clones are growing soooo slowly! As of right now, they are only about 6 inches tall but they are between 12 and 17 inches across. I know that this is an indica strain but man, is it supposed to go this slowly? My cuttings took root back on 7/1 so maybe I'm just being impatient???

    Take a look and tell me what you all think.

    Cuttings Pic taken 6/23

    DSC01829.jpg DSC01834.jpg DSC01835.jpg

    Pre-growing in 3.5 inch pots for about a week, pix taken 7/6


    Transplanted into 3 gallon pots on 7/6

    DSC02050.jpg DSC02052.jpg

    Ran into some problems here I think with toxic salt build up. My buddy had told me not to water/feed to runoff as recommended by Canna. He said that they only tell you that to sell you more product. After reading through lots of forums and the bible, I find out that the reason for the runoff is to help flush salts from the medium. Pix are of my symtoms taken 7/18, the day before I flushed.

    DSC02075.jpg DSC02076.jpg DSC02077.jpg DSC02078.jpg DSC02080.jpg DSC02081.jpg

    7/18, the day before the flush

    DSC02083.jpg DSC02085.jpg

    7/22, 3 days after the flush.

    DSC02591.jpg DSC02592.jpg DSC02593.jpg DSC02594.jpg

    So what do you guys think?

    420bongrip Well-Known Member

    when you want it to start to flower

    candycolas Member

    I know that I can start flowering at any time but I would like to get a decent yield from these. I've read that Granddaddy purple doesn't stretch much so if I start flowering now after 3 weeks and 6 inches in vertical growth, will I have a small yield? Does anyone have any experience with granddaddy purp?
    Purp 201

    Purp 201 Member

    Well they definitely look better after the flush. I dont seem to be having those problems with my grandaddy. I just started flowering n its going good except for some yellowing and spots of dark green on some leaves. I just flushed today so we'll see what happens. For now I have 10 bud sites and Ive used no special fertilizer other than what comes in the miracle grow potting mix. I think you might need to add red and blue to your spectrum try putting a red object next to the mylar as the light reflects off of it that will make red light in your room.

    What I do wanna say is that Im having the same mutation problems with my green crack strain and Idk what to do abt it. The plant has grown tall and not as leafy as my gdp. other than a few mutated leaves it seems fine.

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