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First Grow - Bubba Kush

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Kramer Chids, Jan 22, 2013.

    Kramer Chids

    Kramer Chids Active Member

    My first grow.

    Bubba Kush under a Hydrofarm Designer T5 about 2" below the light. It's in a 1L Air-Pot planted in the following soil I aged for about two months:

    8L Roots Soiless
    4L Sunshine Rain Forest
    2L Age Old Organics Earth Worm Castings
    4tbs Roots Nitro Guano
    4tbs Age Old Organics Dry Fruit
    4tbs Age Old Organics Bulb Bone Meal
    4tbs Crushed Oyster Shell
    2 tbs Age Old Organics Root Boost
    2tbs Whitney Farms Blood Meal
    4tbs Down to Earth Kelp Meal

    I use that mix for my Super Hot Peppers so I decided to run the Bubba Kush in that as well. Ferts will be Fox Farm Big Bloom, Age Old Kelp, and Organic Unsulphered Molasses. I'm going to top it via the Uncle Ben method, keep it in veg for a week after that and then switch two of the center bulbs in my light to 2700k and then switch to 12/12. I only have 11" of height to work with so it will have to be a short one. I'm not trying to get a ton from this. This is just for fun and if I get a g I will be happy. :)

    So here it is so far...

    Popped up on 1/11





    Any advice or help is appreciated. This isn't going to be some monster grow with great expectations, just something mellow and fun.
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    Number216 Active Member

    So far so good, man. I subscribed to this, I want to see how it comes out. Best of luck!

    minnesmoker ɹoʇɐɹəpoɯ

    Advice? LST, let it grow out around the pot. Shape it so that you'll be able to light the entire plant with those lights. 11" vertical, how much space horizontal? You can get some nice weight that way, and keep it's footprint pretty small.

    Sincerely420 New Member

    Good luck lad! Runnin' a Bubba Kush on my next run, so I'll be looking out!
    What seed company is your BK from? :joint:
    Kramer Chids

    Kramer Chids Active Member

    Number216 - Thank you so very much. I know there will be many more exciting glogs but I will keep up on a simple grow log.

    Minnesmoker - I have a lot of horizontal space so that won't be an issue. I was thinking of LSTing the mains after I top it just to spread them out and buy me a few inches. Thank you for the comment.

    Sincerely420 - I don't know what company it's from. I got some BK seeds when I traded for a light. We'll see how it goes.

    Have a great day everyone.

    graab187 Active Member

    my advice, top those fuckers. you'll be happy to see 4 colas instead of one ;)

    Kramer Chids

    Kramer Chids Active Member

    Graab187 - Ayup, I'm going to top it, let it veg for a week, then switch to 12/12, and LST the colas. I also ordered two Flora Suns today so that should be good with that 660nm light. For a little Indica it should love that. Hope my super hot peppers like that too. Too bad for them the little BK carries a bigger vote. :)
    Kramer Chids

    Kramer Chids Active Member

    I switched out the two center 6500k bulbs last night with 5000k bulbs so I will see how that works out. I like the light a little better and from what I've read the 5000k bulbs peak better in the blue and red. Again that's from what I've read here on this site from folks that have a lot more experience than I do so I'm leaning on their knowledge and experience. So far this little gal (hopefully) is doing great.

    1/24/12 - 13 days old.


    Kramer Chids

    Kramer Chids Active Member

    The two week mark and things appear to being growing great. It's 1 1/2" tall and working on it's 5th node. I will probably top it next week after the 2nd node and then let it veg one more week after that.


    Kramer Chids

    Kramer Chids Active Member

    I went in to my grow/pepper room and found this on the floor. I guess the boss didn't want me growing this BK. Sigh.


    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    I am Sorry , that sucks ! All crumpled up and destroyed .. This would make me want revenge hahahha

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