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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Dmarsh, Feb 1, 2013.


    Dmarsh Member

    Hey there Roll it Up Family! The names DMarsh but you can call me Marshall, I'm here to post my setup I've been drafting for a week now. I have the current funds to complete the purchases required, but I would rather get everyone's input on the matter. If you wish to skip all my bullshitting and read the specifics of what I have drafted so far skip to the end.

    Now, I've been researching this topic for about 5-6 years now, off and on at least. I would say a good 3-4 years total summed up out of all that time :) I'm now 21, and looking to start my first closet grow!

    I could have easily started this project back when I first started reading up on this subject when I was 15 or 16. But because I'm not a person who likes to jump into things without at least the knowing the basics, I decided to keep on reading up.

    During that time I never once got into the subject of "Auto Flower Strains" or the Ruderalis its self. The closest I came to reading up on them or hearing about them was the "Guaranteed Female/Feminized Seeds" which only comes close because most Auto/Ruderalis cross breeds are Feminized as well. Well now that I have been reading up on it for the past 2 months or so, I'm 100% positive I want to make my first grow (Two plants max) an Feminized Auto Strain.

    This is because of a few reasons. One, because of it's potential short life cycle even know most let it grow longer to increase yield and THC/CBD levels. Two, it's a very beginner friendly strain of plant. It's a strain known to really give weed it's full credit for it's name (Weed) as it tends to grow in harder/harsher climates than regular high quality strains do. Three, because it intrigues me to know that it's not dependent on a life cycle controlled by the light timing. This being said, you can run it 24/0 the whole grow if you really wanted too!

    I'm probably going to grow 1 or two plants for this upcoming first grow. The guaranteed strain I'm going to buy is the Afghan Kush Ryder - https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/world-of-seeds-afghan-kush-ryder-autoflowering/prod_2766.html

    The other strain if I decide to do a 2nd plant in the box is Blue Mammoth. Reading the reviews it seems like a very nice wielding plant that I should also expect really decent THC content levels. But who knows, I'm all up for opinions right now.

    Moving on to the actual setup I plan on using -

    3 Feet x 2 x 2 standard box I actually got prebuilt as it was torn out of an old kitchen. I'm going to be light proofing anything required while also adding mylar material on every inch of the inside. This will be going into my closet.

    The box came with shelf brackets directly 1' in the middle with a removable shelf already in it. This will make great use for when I need to get my seedlings raised to my CFL lighting (Probably around 100W blue spectrum) I plan on using for the Veg stage mixed with my 150W HPS which I'm going to buy at a local Hydro store for $90 - http://shop.simplyhydro.com/Sun-System-Enclosed-mini-HPS-150-Watt-Grow-Light-Fixture_p_1847.html

    If you don't think that's going to be enough, or on the other hand too much please give me tips on what to use instead of the 150W HPS. I plan on using both CFL's and the 150W HPS a few days prior to the plants turning into flowering mode. I've been told and read numerous times that when it's starting to transition it doesn't hurt to throw both spectrum's of light at it for the remainder of the grow. ALSO.. PLEASE IF ANYONE, MEANING ANYONE who reads this and has pulled off a LED only grow please post here for me to talk to you if you don't mind. I wanted to try this first grow with a LED setup, but it would have cost almost all of my budget alone for anything actually reasonable. I know the conversions between these and HID but I don't have $250 minimum to drop on the most basic of models just to find out I should/could have done HPS or something else with better results and/or cheaper materials. I'm not a cheapskate, I just like to know first hand from real growers ( and not the website making claims on something they're trying to sell to you). So any information regarding this or where I can find wholesale type prices for LED lights that are high quality with the same features as the "name brand" models would be SO HIGHLY APPRECIATED :clap::weed::-o:-o:-o

    As far as venting/exhaust/filters go I'm not going to worry about the cooling until I can get a 100% read on the temperature I'm going to have prior to making any cooling additions to the box. Exhaust will probably be a 120MM or so computer fan, which should work good enough. If not I can always upgrade :)

    As far as a anything filtering the smells, I have no issue with that at all as this isn't so much a stealth grow as much as a test run before I put time and effort into an actual tent/room/closet grow 3-4 times bigger than this lol.

    I've found what I've been told is a working regimen/feeding cycle as far as nutrients go. Going to use the Fox Farm trio, with Fox Farm Ocean forest medium. I have also read that I might need a more "airy/oxygen" based medium since the root system needs it more than regular Sativa/Indica strains. So hopefully that cycle will help me with my yield, and potentially not freak me out over something little that I can easily fix such as over feeding/nute def etc :wall:

    That is it for now, I'm not going to list every small or minor detail that I could. But I'd rather get your opinion on my biggest decision which is whether or not to use a 150W HPS or not.. For the price and what I've read thus far about it and the actual company it seems like a good choice and cost efficient to my budget.

    I plan on doing LST for sure, that's a no brainer. But I'm also thinking of I should do a SOG/SCROG type method to potentially maximize it to my fullest potential. Thoughts?

    Non Bullshit Version:

    3 Feet tall x 2 x 2 closet grow box. This will make great use for when I need to get my seedlings raised to my CFL lighting (Probably around 100W blue spectrum) I plan on using for the Veg stage mixed with my 150W HPS which I'm going to buy at a local Hydro store for $90 - http://shop.simplyhydro.com/Sun-System-Enclosed-mini-HPS-150-Watt-Grow-Light-Fixture_p_1847.html

    I plan on growing 2 plants max, both will be auto strains of any sort I feel are going to be the best for my grow and personal smoking needs :weed:

    As far as cooling/exhaust/venting I won't worry about most of that until I get my light fixtures in place and measure the temp levels etc. The exhaust will most likely be one or two 120MM comp. fans. I don't need to worry about smell, period.

    Using Fox Farm ocean as my medium with the FF Trio for nutes. I already have a cycle posted and verified by a few people. Will tweak it accordingly if needed.

    Will be doing extensive LST and possibly SOG/SCROG if you can give me tips on how I should manage one with only two plants or two. That's the only category I never paid much attention too extensively, only the basics!

    That's it for now, I'm going to add more detailed explanations, pictures of the box once it's covered with the mylar ( Just won't have the HPS fixture until I'm 100% sure)

    I mostly came to everyone to see if my basic game plan is decent enough to pull off a good plant or two this first attempt at growing. I'm 100% open to any and all critisism. I'm here for a reason, and I sure as hell won't get mad as long as you're not insulting me flat out
    Goon Moblin

    Goon Moblin Member

    What's a nice wielding plant?DUDE!!!!BLOWTHATSHITUPDONKEYSTYLE! make a mu fuqin journal for us all to toon into. I;m already SUBed. Jesus was brown! Strenght lies in the masses- Rize-UP, AK!

    Dmarsh Member

    *Bro Fist* thanks!

    Oh I know it says it's a nice high wielding plant, but I wanted to verify that with others before making the strain purchase, which is why I also asked if anyone knew of strains that were nice yields from personal experience :D

    Oh yeah, I'm deff doing a grow journal. I've been reading them for 5-6 years now without being able to do one of my own, I think it's about time :)

    I'm actually also contemplating whether or not to junk the premade box I got for free, or possibly take the top plank of wood off and make it taller by extending it manually with newer wood. I'm thinking I need the space to compensate for the amount of room I need between the plant and HPS lighting. It won't cost me much or slow me down, just want to get this done right the first time without too many complications :) Besides the fact I want my babies to be able to get nice and thick with the limited space I currently have at the moment, it would be nice to have that breathing room to not worry about them ever.

    Oh well, that's why I made this post prior to making any big commitments to this!

    Now if I could only remember the signup email I used years ago on my old forum name I tried to recover before making this one, I had around 2000 posts *tear* haha

    Also note to self, clean up my thread and make it look cleaner/nicer since I'm on zero sleep and wanted to get as much posted for you guys to get an idea of before I went into a Marijuana induced coma until I wake up and go watch my Tampa Bay Lightning play in person!

    Dmarsh Member

    Oh yes, before I hit the sheets I wanted anyone reading this who is going to pick up seeds today through Sunday to read this promotion Attitude Seed Bank is running :)

    Link for promotion - https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co....ry-promotion-with-humboldt-seed-organization/

    Brief Summary - "
    For the month of
    we have once again teamed up with
    Humboldt Seed Organization
    to offer you 3 strains from their collection when you spend over
    from 9am Feb 1st – 3pm Feb 4th (ukgmt) on any brand during these dates and you will receive for free: 1 Feminized OG Kush, 1 Feminized Pineapple Skunk, 1 Feminized Blue Dream!"

    Also to clarify I'm not affiliated with them, or any seed bank that is. I wish though since I'd get some nice free hook ups haha. I think I'll be ordering my seeds anywhere from the 1st-3rd just for that deal, so I hope I can make up my mind on the strain(s) I want to grow o_O
    Goon Moblin

    Goon Moblin Member

    What's your old user name?

    Dmarsh Member

    If I had remembered that I wouldn't have any issue getting on it. I just used too many back in the day to remember or want to even try to lol :P

    Dmarsh Member

    Bump, still waiting on 9 different seeds to come in.

    Each one is a different strain, paid for 4 got 5 free in a nice promotion! Spent over 30 EURO and you get 3 free seeds from Humboldt Seed Org! Plus the UFO freebies from Attitude so it was a good time to make an order! I think I paid around 50 EURO including shipping & guaranteed shipping with the T-Shirt which isn't bad for 9 fem seeds when almost all of them are Auto as well :D

    Dmarsh Member

    Still waiting on these beans to come in :)

    Dmarsh Member

    Your item, posted on 05/02/13 with reference LY870687089GB was delivered in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on 13/02/13.
    Thank you for using this service.

    I'm assuming that means I should get them on Valentines day in the PM? lol

    Dmarsh Member

    Seeds came in today on Valentines day :)

    I got a Dinafem T Shirt with the logo same as the Tin in the following picture

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    Dmarsh Member

    I guess no one is interested in my horrid quick 3 minute write up that looks bad to read and is probably full of "gram"mar errors.

    I'll take the time to edit it all later in a nice format.. I'm doing this all via my iPhone so give me some credit! :)

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