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Fire OG kush vs. other OG's

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Teyo Green, Feb 9, 2011.

    Teyo Green

    Teyo Green Active Member

    ive been hearing lots of good things about "fire og kush"
    and it will be available to me in clone form shortly,
    any input?
    i am a kush freak and all about potency.
    anyone grown the fire?! :)
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    Ku$hking3883 Active Member

    I have smoked some OG Fire just yesterday that came out of northern Cali. On the inhale The taste was smooth with a tiny fruity hint. Followed by a little expando felling not bad tho. It gave me a instance head-change with a real mellow feeling witch is funny because I had just got done smoking a hog leg of some real nice maui and about 2 vape bags of OGxMaster Kush. I can't wait for this strain to get to seed from clone only. The structure of the OG fire I had was nice it was like no matter the size of the bud the stem was the same size about the size of a tooth pix. I ask about that and was told that the whole plat grows that way and it has to be netted a certain way or the weight of the plant its self will cripple it. If the person you are getting the clones from doesn't live in nor cali or Oregon I would be skeptical on it being OG fire... if you have any more questions fire away and i will see what i can do.

    mrmatt Active Member

    ive also been hearing alot about the fire cut and the rascal cut. you already answered one of my questions...but is the rascal cut available in seed form or is it clone only as well? i live pretty far from cali and never see these genetics in clubs so i know i have no chance of coming across them here... id like to find them in seed if anywhere possible.

    grokillaz Active Member

    Og fire to me is the best of all the og cuts that I have tried. Not sure if beans are available .

    Ku$hking3883 Active Member

    It is in seed form the attitude had or is getting it.
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    To be more specific, it's called Raskal's OG Kush and is bred by The Cali Connection.
    It's not available through the Attitude yet, same goes for the Single Seed Centre.
    I've only seen it stocked at Sow Amazing Seeds so far, but they are usually sold out.
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    cheap Active Member

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    kbo ca

    kbo ca Active Member

    fire og is clone only as far as i know. I have a true og right now that i like better than the fire. Mostly for taste reasons. The grower that supplied me the fire og is very reputable. They both pack a crazy kush punch and the fire has better bag appeal than the true that im growing. These cuts are available all over cali but make sure to go to oakland to pick up the fire im sure they have the real deal. Can't really say for sure about the rest of the state
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    kbo ca

    kbo ca Active Member


    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    i grew sum Elite Genetics fire and it was fire potent sweet og did a stretch on me though

    Ku$hking3883 Active Member

    no shit to be more specific i thought the guy could read

    Ku$hking3883 Active Member


    JasonEcks Member

    Has anyone flowered the Fire OG themselves yet?

    grokillaz Active Member

    I've flowered a cross of it. A buddy of mine had fire og growing for awhile, not sure if he still is growing it but it was super frosty woth medium sized buds. The smell was almost like pepper/spice.

    CaliDaze Member

    Ive only heard good things about it.

    Right now Ive got 4 SanFernandoValleyOgKush's going. Cant wait to give a Smoke Repot.

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    kushking was those clones

    punkenstien Well-Known Member

    I have grown out the Cali Connection Raskal OG, OG Raskal White Fire and Elite Genetics Fire OG and I give Elite's the edge on potency which is a 1 hit wonder and OG Raskals the vote on yield.
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    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    yo punk thanks for all the fire input cause i had only tried Elites fire that i was more then happy with

    i just went back and punched yo star in the nose

    medicalmaryjane Well-Known Member

    I am growing one but I am a complete newb and I don't knnow what I am doing. I found a seed in my bag from the dispensary. I've been told to expect it to turn hermie. I had a lot of bad weather and a transplant that slowed things down a lot. I hope I see some progress soon because I feel like things aren't going anywhere...

    here is a pic from today:

    rootsorganic Active Member

    spray that thing with Dutch Master Reverse it will prevent it from hermie...
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