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Finding bud in Niagara Falls Canada...

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Vapekush, Aug 7, 2011.


    Vapekush Active Member

    I'll be traveling into Niagara Canada from NY this week by car. I have never been to Canada and I'm worried about bringing bud across the border with me as I don't know what to expect.

    How easy is it to find bud in this area? Does anyone know where to go or possibly live around there that could maybe help me out? Anything I need to know to look out for aside from the obvious?

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member


    april Pickle Queen

    LOL go to a local convenience store and wait for the dude that parks on an angle, buys smokes and rollies and a bag full of munchies
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    sites down ub.. under construction it says or some other bs.. i've used them before though, i think it says something about updating info or what not.. some of their info is ok.. i used it when i went to barcelona and i scored not only bud but some of the nicest hash i've ever had..

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member


    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    maybe i'm an idiot than, but when i go to the city guide it takes me to another page than it asks country, i hit that, and all it says is country again and doesn't offer any choices.. if you try city it won't even let me do anything since i never picked a country... don't know how you got that info as i can't get the site to do poo atm..
    but like i said, i've used it in the past with no problems and found good info..

    Nusky New Member

    Just do what everyone else does, go to bars and ask random people for weed. Niagra falls should be teeming with dealers, I think its actually a drug running place to the US cause its so close to both Canada and US

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    that's funny as that's exactly what that webhigh site says to do, lmao..

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    could be browser. it didn't want to let me choose a country on firefox, but worked ok on chrome.

    Jables&Jakoseph Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue, you just need to scroll down the page and on the left hand side, underneath the links it says "a stoners guide to..." with a drop down of all the archived citys.

    Vapekush Active Member

    Thanks all, I checked webehigh.com earlier but the info for Niagara Falls was like 3 years old so I was not totally confident in it. I'll be rolling into town later at night, hopefully the hotel has a bar that will be open. I hate having to ask around for weed, unless you're in Jamaica, most people look at you like you have 5 heads when you ask.

    Vapekush Active Member

    Anybody been there recently and find some niceness?

    neosapien Well-Known Member

    I was there acouple years back and scored some from a valet dude at one of the touristy restaurants. A bar would've been my plan B had my first attempt failed.

    jonblaze420 Well-Known Member

    Ask anyone who looks like they toke if they can find you some weed. Niagara Falls is sweet, enjoy it. I grew up in Buffalo NY. It's much nicer to see from the Canadian side though :D

    ShadyStoner New Member

    There are a shit load of head shops....

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