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Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by covertgrow, May 26, 2009.


    covertgrow Well-Known Member

    ok so im on my last week of flower gonna chop her down on june 2nd,

    will only be 8 weeks to the day but im going away for a month so...

    anyway what i want to know is:

    what last week tips do you have to increase potency/yield/resin anything really,,

    ive used bio bizz top max all through flowering which i believe is basically mollases so not going to bother with them,
    (also used bio bizz grow + bloom + all mix soil)

    i have been flushing/leeching for the last 12 days by giving 3 litres of plain ph'd water every couple of days,

    ive read all sorts about increasing resin, from leaving lights off for 3 days b4 harvest to sticking pins in the stem,

    what are your methods/opinions on other methods?

    any help greatly appreciated and +rep for really good replys!


    here is the main plant im cropping next week, (also have 2 more but there no way near as pretty!)


    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Make sure you dont water her and she is nice and dry. I dont bother with all the hoopla about extended darkness and holes in the stem, shaking the plant or whatever else people seem to do. I try and harvest right as the lights are supposed to come on and I always seem to get some dank a$$ weed :hump:
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    dankmango Well-Known Member

    yeah, only thing I know for sure is cut her before those lights come on, before the sugars n what not come up to the leaves. I tried taking a plant and leaving it in the soil, just moving the pot to a closet until it was dead and dry. I claimed it was the best tasting ever, but everyone else who smoked some of mine could not tell it apart from the others I cut and hung. It took way too long to dry like that too so I dunno about the extra dark thing. just cut before lights turn on, its a fact that stuff goes down to the roots at night and comes up to the plant during the day and like bone said, make sure she is dry. dry environments up thrichome production and if her medium is dry she will start pulling moisture from her own leaves n everything helping you with the hanging up part. congrats bro, she is nice lookin
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    covertgrow Well-Known Member

    thanks dankmango + boneman both +rep will efinately chop in the last hour of darkness, im cropping on my birthday so will be a nice morning!

    ive taken a couple of smaller buds from the other 2 theyve bin drying for 3 days (only to smoke on birthday lol)

    anyone else got any suggestions?

    covertgrow Well-Known Member

    any last week tips to increase resin/potency/yield/etc ???

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    I agree with Bonman and dankmango.

    I don't really get into all the crazy little things at the end either. I think if you just cut her at the right time and make sure she is not filled with an abundance of nutes then you will get a good harvest.

    Now just focus on maybe the most important part: Drying and Curing! Seen some of my friends have good grows then screw up the dry/ cure.

    stereo99 Active Member

    i had a big budda cheese plant, and went away for weekend, left it in dark cupboard from friday evening till sunday evening, and it looked much better than it had done b4 i left. More resin, and stunk, got 3 oz off 1 plant - quality. I got a m8 who grows and he thinks it would be better to give it the extra 2 days of light, as more growth ? - just gota try, if you can arse'd ??

    covertgrow Well-Known Member

    cheers for the reply bro, im sure there definately flushed of all nutes and im planning on curing atleast 21 days probably closer to 36days,

    im planning on leaving them in darkness from sunday till tuesday then cutting in darkness so will see if that helps any,

    i have cropped one of them specifically to put with all the trim to make some gumby hash with,

    heres a pic of my favourite bitch:eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke:


    jsgrwn Well-Known Member

    yeah you can add an hour of light as opposed to complete darkness. this is reccomended by many breeders. but it is up to you bro. you could just cut it down like normal. the changes in the last week will be neglegible in all aspects except maturity.

    davids Active Member

    Wat up bro,, one thing that wasn't mentioned it's really important to lower the humidity in the room along with the dry soil she will stack trics,, to try to protect the leaves from drying out also try to lower the temps to imatate the outdoor harvest season good luck the "Razzler"

    mattykyp Well-Known Member

    Hmmm i am finishing tonight :-) I'll be sure to cut off the lights before they come back on then.....

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