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"final phase" - from advanced nutrients

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bamse, Feb 5, 2011.


    bamse Active Member


    bamse Active Member


    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    Works great if you like blowing money :)

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i have it, just used it for the first time yesterday as i'm nearing the end of this grow.. will let you know what i think of it once the grow's done.. btw, i use all an products..

    Pureblood89 Well-Known Member

    No thanks, I'll just stick with water for flushing.

    Look at the Ingredients, EDTA Chelates and Citric Acid (Vitamin C).

    EDTA is most often used in cases of heavy metal poisoning (lead or mercury). That’s because it can latch onto or bind these metals, creating a compound that can be excreted in the urine.

    These are supplements designed for humans, not plants.

    Pureblood89 Well-Known Member

    AN laughs all the way to the money bank!

    rzza Well-Known Member

    my buddy laughs the whole way because they offer you money back guarantee so every grow he sends his empty bottles in for a full refund.

    jestermite Well-Known Member

    i bought it because i thought it was part of their micro grow bloom formula. am using it now but can't imagine i'll buy it again.. if water flushes so well for so many then i can't really think of a reason to spend money on it other then maybe trying to shorten the flush time.

    decrimCA Active Member

    I've used Overdrive before, but not all the time. Yes, water still works, but there's something about using Overdrive with the other Advanced Nutrients products that really makes things finish up well.

    The buds seem to grow in the last week - and that's amazing to watch.

    I admit, I wasn't really sold on it until I started using the bundles and it seems to work well when you use a bunch of other products. LOVE it.

    Fun to see the AN haters come out again. I've missed you all.

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    :) Haters? If you have the money to spend, then by all means buy those hyped up brands. Golly gee, what ever did we use before AN and Humboldt came out with canna-specific ferts... must have been growing by magic for thousands of years.

    hugetom80s Well-Known Member

    People lived for thousands and thousands of years before we discovered antibiotics. Doesn't mean I'm going to find someone with a bone stuck through their nose the next time I think I have strep throat.

    Whether you're talking about growing marijuana, giant pumpkins, or human athletes you see a trend of breaking records. The simple fact is that every organism on the planet has untapped potential.

    I may not want to spend my life in pursuit of the world record for running the mile, but that doesn't mean I should make fun of those who do. If I did it would suggest some underlying sense of inadequacy that I'm not willing or able to find out what I'm capable of.

    zar82 Member

    Advance has good products. I use final phase foe the last 7-10 days in my areo system and it works great. Ive tried clear x which doesnt work as good. Ive used a supernatural brand to and i cant remeber the name of it and it didnt work good for me either. If u have the money to spend buy advance

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