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Final Flush and Molasses

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by northerntights, May 9, 2007.


    joeblow420 Well-Known Member

    wow really, you only used molasses while flowering.. No other nutes, thats amazing..
    At this point Id smoke pencil shavings if I could get a slight buzz, but yeah those nugs look great..
    How did they smoke?
    Is plant "food" and fertilizer one in the same?
    Probably a stupid question, but I see it around, and Im curious

    joeblow420 Well-Known Member

    are you using cfls? Im also using cfls.. I got some 75 watters.. I hope they do me good

    GotBeat5.0 Well-Known Member

    um Joeblow if youd just go and do a little research on this board youd get all your answers. The Search and FAQ feature is your friend.....trust

    joeblow420 Well-Known Member

    Got, I have, and I know.. I still havent found the answers Im looking for, but thx just the same.. Id much rather get direct imput!

    I was able to find some Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Molasses for flowering. I didnt find blackstrap, I could only get full flavor..
    I dont know the difference, between them..
    Im still going to use it since I dont think it could really matter much either way, does it????


    joeblow420 Well-Known Member

    hello?? anyone out there?

    Hemohomeboy Active Member

    you know I hate to say it but anyone who puts in a disclaimer at the bottom of a post or reply that this is from the internet or I am just kidding or any other inference is nothing more than a big fat coward. Stand up for what you believe in. I smoke pot and I don't care who the hell else knows.

    dubblehue Active Member

    you need to buy a HPS..you can get a 250 for 100 to the door from insidesun dot com

    JanecommaMary Well-Known Member

    you can also buy all the nutrients you need online dude. flora gro and bloom. theres plenty of weed specific nutrients out there for purchase. if you dont want to fuck up b/c u have a limited number of opportunities, take your time and research research research. also, as far as disclaimers go in sigs, i dont think it makes somebody a coward to have one. for most, its just a precaution for legal ramifications, but i dont think that what you say would be discounted in a court of law as a result of a disclaimer you put in a signature. who knows...any lawyers on here?

    mutantgargoyle Well-Known Member

    fuck all wrong with cfls dude

    digitalliquid Active Member

    opinion :leaf:

    chb444220 Well-Known Member

    yeaaa. check out my grow.. done with ONLY CFL's.. soo for al lthose CFL hater... Go suck a fat one.. my plant came out FINE and Im using 10 CFL's.
    Big T'

    Big T' Member

    five weeks into budding thinking of using molasses.. will it make that big of a difference?

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    woodsmaneh! Well-Known Member

    go to the source they have them cheep.

    Flushing was developed for people who use chemical nutrients. It gets the taste out of the plant in most cases. We went from flushing with just water to adding sugar to support growth in the last 10 days. In the last few years the manufactures have noticed that we the growers were using molasses or sucanat to flush the last week to 10 days. They came out with 25$ + bottles of flush to sell everyone and make more money.

    Don't feed the machine if you flush use molasses or sucanat.


    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    I just learned something from the person that posted before me.

    I didn't know that. Well, I didn't know that, that was what Molasses was used for.

    I've been using Molasses for my whole flowering period and my two Nirvana Ice plants are two days away from starting week #7 of flowering. My grow before this one, I didn't use Molasses at all. I can tell you that it has made a difference... slightly. Molasses helps speed up the plants Motabalism.

    kindkush89 Well-Known Member

    Let's get this post goin again, I am ready t:!:o flush.so any new input on good product for flushing? Any one used supernatural superleach? :leaf:

    sparkyzappa Member

    My sativa is on its 10th week flowering and ive been flushing for 3 weeks know, can I start molasses up again, and right to the end. My trichs are all milky no amber yet. Outside grow, all the fans are yellowing. I just thought some molasses might move things along. Ill send pictures as soon as the monsoon ends. (New England)

    cannakis Well-Known Member

    Haha! Amen Brother! i LOVE To Hear People Standing FOR The TRUTH! And i don't Give a FUCK Who Knows!

    gwaziman001 Well-Known Member

    Hi all I use bio bloom and top max, I have been using molasses from week 4 of flower my lady's love it :-)

    jreezee Active Member

    That's what I say! Mother nature created it for us.

    sloppyseconds Member

    Pencil shavings just use Botanicare Sweet Raw, thats what it smells like!!!:D

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