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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by DR growgood, Jun 29, 2008.

    DR growgood

    DR growgood Well-Known Member

    how do u FIM and does it work please explaine im lost about the issue and would like to try it on my next crop thanks guys waiting for ur feed back

    dankiestdank Well-Known Member

    Where the new growth is beginning open the two flower things, on the top of the plant, the main cola top... you cut that 3/4ths way down with a snip of scissors.


    Golden420 Active Member

    If you want to experment next crop take two aside and at 6-8 inches fim wait 2 weeks, and plant will be back in full growth, then 2 weeks before you put her out to flower fim again. Do a 36 hr dark and now out to Flower.
    Now when you see flowers comin out fim one plant (just once) and don't touch other plant at all.
    Big Buds to you Amigo
    Wolfman Zen

    Wolfman Zen Well-Known Member

    Great post =]

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