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File cabinet grow box setup

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Solemhypnotic, Aug 11, 2012.


    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    So I was at work a while back and had an opportunity to get a file cabinet for $5. Now where I work at I come across a lot of useful stuff I can use for growing. So most of the parts I'm using I got for free. I've put maybe $25 into this so far lol.

    Any suggestions would help as I'm running out of ideas for this. I also want to document this so maybe someone else will find it useful, so let the ideas and questions flow.

    The doors on the cab have since been straightened up and light proofed
    IMG_20120805_222150.jpg IMG_20120805_222213.jpg IMG_20120807_035355.jpg

    A couple pc fans for exhaust.

    A couple more for intake.
    IMG_20120805_222046.jpg IMG_20120805_222109.jpg

    Some inside shots. (I'm going to be putting up mylar, but I'm still waiting for it to some in the mail)
    IMG_20120805_030457.jpg IMG_20120805_222026.jpg IMG_Inside.jpg

    My ghetto ass lights (This is going to be replaced eventually, but for now it works)
    I'm going to use fluorescent lighting throughout my grow.
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    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    I ended up making light filters of sorts for the intake/exhaust fans out of cardboard, Check it out.
    IMG_20120811_033518.jpg IMG_20120811_033526.jpg IMG_20120811_034433.jpg IMG_20120811_051804.jpg IMG_20120811_051816.jpg

    This caused a temp increase of about 5-7*F degrees. Not too bad

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    One thing I'm having questions about is what kind of hydro type to do. I have a 7.5gallon container, a water pump and some hose that fits the pump, and 4 black plastic pots. IMG_20120811_194045.jpg

    What would you do? I really don't want to go DWC unless I have to.

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    I'm going with the hempy bucket idea, because it's awesome, and it gives me more head room to work with.

    Just thought I'd brag on this one.

    Yanaco2 Active Member

    looks good :) what are you useing for odour ???

    Yanaco2 Active Member

    :leaf::leaf::leaf:looks good :) what are you useing for :leaf::leaf:odour ???

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I'm going to be using DIY carbon filters, there is a thread about it in the DIY section.

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    Like most of the parts and Ideas for my cab, I recycled what I could and bought and made everything else I'm going to use. I worked at a scrap yard for a while and collected parts, I've ended up with pc fans, light sockets, the file cab itself, small water pumps, buckets, regular fans, and pretty much all kinds of shit. I've spent virtually nothing on this :)

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    Got the mylar up!!

    IMG_20120814_033324.jpg IMG_20120814_033337.jpg IMG_20120814_033313.jpg

    I'm doing the track for the drawers right now. I tried getting the tracks off with no success :( Those things are stuck on there pretty fucking good. I'll post pics when It's 100% done.

    And on another note, mylar is a pain in the ass so put up in closed spaces.

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    Got a lot done today. I finished putting up mylar


    I thought of what to call this cab.. :)


    Took my light set up and improved on it a little, and I made a reflector for it out of cardboard and mylar.

    IMG_20120816_063357.jpg IMG_20120816_063406.jpg IMG_20120816_065306.jpg

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah almost forgot, I picked up an 85 watt cfl on ebay, it came in today.

    (It looks really, really blue in the pictures)

    Here's a few other pics of the lights as of now.
    IMG_20120816_070439.jpg IMG_20120816_070454.jpg IMG_20120816_070557.jpg IMG_20120815_215516.jpg

    Villa Active Member

    Nice, very nice. Keep us informed as to how it's going.

    qROCKSTARp Member

    this is sweet man. i like the stealth setup ya got going. hope it works out for you

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    I ran the lights for a while today just to see how much the temp difference was going to be after I put up mylar and the light filters . It got up to 92*F with the fans on :( that's a little warm for me.
    I need to find a separate fan to use for air movement, maybe that'll lower my temps a bit.

    nuskool89 Well-Known Member

    I like the setup good luck my friend. You will definately need another fan to lower those temps.
    The Count

    The Count Active Member

    Damn bro that is some sweet work you did there awesome job!!!!

    jdog1234 Member

    Hey I am no pro by any means, but that is a pretty sweet box. I also wanted to tell you that I also run at high temps but seem to have very little issues so far. My temps are regularly between 91-94. My girls seem to be doing just fine. I do make sure to keep air circulation constant which may be helping me.

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    So while browsing the World of Hempy thread I had an improvement on an idea. I'm going to use a few different sized bottles just to experiment, and as for medium I'm going to use aquarium pebbles, hydroton and a peat pellet or 2 in each one just to see what happens. I started germing my seeds tonight so hopefully everything will get started within the week. I'll post some pics of the final setup tomorrow.

    Solemhypnotic Well-Known Member

    Wtf is that about? ^

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