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Feminized vs Regular

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Hippie hipper, Nov 10, 2017.

    The Ganja Garage

    The Ganja Garage Member

    I'd say they're more prone to herming vs. a female seed found in a regular pack
    Capt. Stickyfingers

    Capt. Stickyfingers Well-Known Member

    No, a pack of fems will not give you plants that are all the same pheno (even s1s produce a variety), and no, if the plants came from a reg seed, it doesn't mean they will be better than the feminized counterpart. The phenos will be different though, considering the male pollen and feminized pollen will pass on different traits due to the fact that it came from two different plants.

    This is also false. It's all in the genetics that are being used. If the genetics are prone to turning hermaphrodite, buying regular seeds won't avoid it. A lot of females from seed, regardless of the genetics, will throw out a few male flowers (on only the bottom of the plant) early in it's life. It's normal, doesn't mean it's garbage, and will likely grow out of it after taking clones for a couple cycles. The pollen is safe to play with from those temporary herms as well and will likely produce stable offspring.
    If the female throws male flowers in large numbers and they spread toward the middle and top half of the plant, it's garbage and will not grow out of it. The pollen is worthless as well.
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    The Ganja Garage

    The Ganja Garage Member

    Fair enough

    517BlckBerry Well-Known Member

    ive ran hundreds of reg seeds and hundreds of female seeds... maybe the breeders are the issue here, but ive Always had better luck with regular seeds. When i run regulars i end up with a more stable female that usually has stronger traits. Ive used Sativa seeds Neptune seeds Bodhi Dynasty Greenhouse seeds Barneys Farm Pyramid Seeds Reserva Privada and a few more i cant recall at this moment... Ive grown the same genetics a few times like Blackberry that had regulars and fems. Regulars were always more stable with better traits. Fems had the chance of herming but i noticed when i cloned some and grew them a couple gens the herm traits would go away almost completely but the regulars didnt show any sign of herming whatsoever even under stress. as for clones, the seed was always better than the clone. every, single, time. maybe im doing something wrong, but i dont see how i could do something wrong on every clone but something right on every seed.. you never know though, i dont really write my data down like i should but i know what i experienced with my own two eyes. ill stick with Regular seeds by Bodhi and Dynasty, maybe a few others but i dont mess with much else because that was the best results i ever had. i only been growing a few years though so what the hell do i know lol just staying my experience
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